Inside out. A new kind of ship.

I decided to see if it was possible to model a ship by starting with the interior and doing the hull last.
Here is the duel fusion reactors as viewed from the control room:

I’ll be working on the anti-matter engine next.:smiley:

Interesting concept. hope it works out.

Aren’t the engines a little close to the control room? Normally the control room is near the front and the engines are near the back.

This isn’t the control room the whole ship, just the fusion reactors.

anti-matter engines next then?
do you know how they work and so the necessary design?

There is a diagram of a hypothetical antimatter engine here:
though this one might work as well

the idea is that the exhaust nozzle is actually made of electromagnetic fields instead of steel plating. The gridwork generates the field.

That’s almost exactly the concept behind my engine so far.
Here is a fish-eye view of the inside of the reaction chamber: (It’s important to note that shape is more important than quality so this stuff won’t look very detailed)

The two side tunnels will be where the anti-protons and the protons will stream in to anialate eachother. The center tube will be for chemical thrusters that will be able to slowly propel the ship without making it shine like a christmas tree on an enimie’s gamma ray detector.
Here is an outside view:

I’ve still got a few more things to do with it before I move on to the next part.
P.S. Thanks for the links

I’m pretty satisfied with the engine and will now move on to the bridge.

Great! That works.

i like the way that this is coming together, infact, i love it! and the idea…


Here’s what’s come of the bridge so far:

I can’t wait until the interior is finished and I can make the outer hull!


These are the crew quarters. Can you think of anything more private than 72 beds stuffed into one room?:stuck_out_tongue:

I decided to make a nice ship Gym. Hey! Even people in space need to stay fit!

No exersize machines, just a track. (anything more would require actual work)

cool, cant wait to see the hull.

you may want weapon rooms.

Yes! I need those. But I’m still trying to figure out if I need any more crew accomidations.

Actually, yes. 72 coffin motel modules stuffed into one room.

I’m too impatient. Here’s the missle launcher. (try to imagine the bottom missle over an oppening in the hull):

What would a ship like this be without a metal slug launcher?

These things are nasty! Without propper shielding, one of these guns can tear your ship to shreads!

Is the problem a difficulty in estimating the size of the crew?
There is a spreadsheet here that will help you in your estimation:

Yes, the technical term is “railgun” or “coilgun”.

i think railgun is a better term, although this one does look like a coilgun, because it dosent have the rails!