interactionOps [iOps]

(TitusLVR) #1

InteractionOps (iOps)
Hello, idea of this addon is speed up switching between:

  • Object mode and Edit mode
  • Edit mode vertex/edge/face
  • Origin to selected vertex/edge/face and Object align to Cursor
  • And more


  • User preferences > Add-ons > Install from file…> select file.

Expand to check:

iOps - Keymap

iOps - MESH

Basic switches:

Object aligning by face normal and edges:

Origin placement:

Object aligning to cursor:

iOps - CURVE

Object/Edit mode, if 2 verts selected = subdivide:

Origin to selected:


Object/Edit/Draw and Sculpt modes, origin to selected:


Many thanks!


Set origin to selected
(Wig42) #2

This sounds brilliant, a great time saver. I’m just checking it out now. Thanks TitusLVR.

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(Zimlorog) #3

Super nice. Much better than the macros I made in PME.

Quick update: I’m loving this add-on. Being able to quickly exit Edit mode into Object mode by pressing the component key again is just so great. It’s little quality of life improvements like that, that just make working much more enjoyable.

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(masterxeon1001) #4

iOps. awesome.

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(TitusLVR) #5

Wow masterxeon1001, really glad to hear this from you :slight_smile:.

So iOps ver 1.1:
-Added curve support.
Now working on the rest of object types.

Many thanks.


(TitusLVR) #6

In case of blender API update:
iOps ver 1.2:

  • added empty object align (F4)
  • code update

Many thanks!

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(Wig42) #7

Thanks for the update Titus. This is one of my favorite addons ever. Save so much time.

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(kkar) #8

Any demonstration of this?



Super!! Thanks.


(joebount) #10

Excellent! It should be a default behaviour for blender :slight_smile:


(z01ks) #11

Nice work! I have one tiny request and a couple of ideas that I’d like to bring up for consideration to perhaps have as optional behavior. Tiny request:
Possibility to press F4 in object mode and have origin snap to the center of the active object. Indeed this is tiny, because right now we just need to enter edit mode (and we can use edit mode on multiple objects :slight_smile:)

Some considerations:
This is something I have always missed coming from 3ds Max. In Blender, Switching between Vert, Edge and Face selection modes will convert the selection. So if I have a face selected and I switch to Vert Select Mode, I now have the verts of that face selected. I wish there was an option to have the selections for each mode completely separate. So this would be an example behaviour:

  1. In Edge Select mode nothing is selected.
  2. I enter Vert Select mode, select vertices 4, 7 and 2.
  3. I switch to Edge Select mode. Nothing is selected. I select Edges 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
  4. I switch to Vert Select mode. Vertices 4, 7 and 2 are selected.
  5. I switch to Face Select mode. Nothing is selected. I select Face 15.
  6. I switch to Edge Select mode. Edges 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 are selected.

Etc, etc, etc… Selections are not converted, but rather remembered. I know this is pretty much different from the idea of interactionOps, but nevertheless, what do you think of this idea?

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(TitusLVR) #12

Nice idea actually, will invistigate how to store selections for verts, edges and faces.
PS: Also i’m a 3dmax user too, but now i try to migrate to blender.

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(z01ks) #13

Nice! I have tried suggesting this in the devtalk but people were hesitant. One point of confusion could be that in blender it’s also possible to be in multiple modes at once (just shift click the vert, edge and face buttons), although I never found any need for that and I don’t see it as an obstacle for my suggested functionality. Also this way of storing selections instead of converting them could be optional somehow :slight_smile:

In Max you can convert a Polygon selection to Vertex selecion by Ctrl+Clicking the vertex sub-object button with some polygons selected. The default behavior of Clicking (without Ctrl) on the vertex sub-object button would be not to convert, but to recall whatever the vertex selection had been prior.


(TitusLVR) #14

iOps updated to version 1.3 in case of Blender 2.8 API update


(TitusLVR) #15

Updated header of topic added some demo GIFs
and addon updated to version 1.5:

  • Keymaps added to Addon Preferences
  • added GPencil support
  • added align object to face by face normal and edges

Many thanks!