Interactive Tools for Blender 2.8

@maxiv94 The Smart Extrude keymap setup guide is outdated. I still tried to follow it but the hotkey didn’t work. Currently, it’s doing a default behavior that’s actually weird as well. It’s just scaling the mesh or sometimes translating it when I press shift+left mouse drag. This is something I really miss in Blender spending 9 years with Max. Any tips on getting this hotkey setup properly?

Currently pressing the button in the tool works but only for duplicating the mesh in object mode. Try it with any edit mode selection and it’s just moving it.

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Can You add to “Transform Mode Cycle” option to hide gizmo after scale?
Translate, Rotate, Scale, Hide…

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Also, an option to hide/unhide any of the transform gizmos at any time would be nice as well. I was actually just trying to see if I could set this as a shortcut but you would actually have to set a separate shortcut for each. Most times I use the hotkeys but sometimes I turn on the gizmo in certain cases and this would be really helpful.


thanks for this addon.
But I do not understand how Smart Extrude works.
Can I activate the tool, press Shift and drag it gizmo? Or I need to press a Smart Extrude button every time?


I just wanted to report a warning message that is displayed in the console each time I launch Blender 2.8.
I am currently using blender-2.81-10001d909905-win64

Warning: ‘MaxivzTools_PT_Panel’ doesn’t have upper case alpha-numeric prefix register

I don’t know if it’s normal or not to see this message.

Awesome update! The Stick Selection is great! That’s one thing I was missing from 3DS Max. Also the new Smart Create options are cool as well :).

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@genics: Thanks for the suggestion! I have added a new tool to cylce between transform orientation, it works globally.
@xmaiter: the Edge Flow addon can already be used with the smart modify script, you need to set it up in the preferences. I will see if I can update the documentation in the following days so its clearer on how to use it.
Automatically switching into the transform tool sounds like a good idea, I will add an option for it in one of the next updates!
Im not sure I completelly understand the last suggestion, but the tool works in a similar way. Right now you can activte the tool with a hotkey, move the pivot point to the position you want and then you can press the hotkey again to apply the pivot
@Ren-San@so3Datel: Right now the Smart Extrude tool only works as a hotkey, there will be a redesign of the tool in the future that will hopefully improove the way it works right now.
To set it up you need to make a new hotkey inside the 3D View Tool: Move context and assign the hotkey there as in the image. Theres also an example on how to set up the smart transform tool.

@Pinhead: I could add an option in the settings menu in a future update.
@xan2622: Now that you mentioned it I also get the message but everything seems to work fine, I will take a look at whats causing it and try to fix it in one of the next updates
@Kickflipkid687: Glad you find it usefull!

I just released a new update with a couple of fixes and two new tools.


Quick Align:
-Fixed bug where quick align kept the target mesh selected after running

Quick Lattice:
- Fixed bug with quick lattice not deleting old lattice vertex groups
- Fixed bug that didn't allow the lattice to align to the mesh when the tool was run in object mode

Wire/Shaded toggle:
-Now remembers what mode was used before switching to wireframe instead of always switching between Solid and wireframe shade mode

Transform Orientation Cycle:
-Cycles between the transform orientation modes

Quick Transform Orientation:
-If a face, vert or edge is selected it will create a custom transform called “Custom”.
-If Nothing is selected it will switch to the last used standard orientation.

Download link: