Interior ArchViz

hi guys,
this is my last project.
all modelled by me except the man and woman that come from axyz-design.
render in cycles 2000 samples
hope you like it


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Fantastic image!

I like it, but i think the light reflect too much on the wood floor.

Wonderful. At first I thought you added a real people to the scene be photoshop… looks extremely realistic.

Very good work! But there’s a bird on the chaaaaiiir :smiley:

Well done! …

yes! the cage is open… :smiley:

Great! Only thing that gives it away are birds… its way too clean around them :slight_smile:

stunning! Realy good job, though in the clay render the sofa and table next to it seems to be floating.

Cool. People looks very real!

Very Nice!

I assume you made some skillful composting to the image or maybe Gimp. Great interior scene, modeling, texturing and lighting!

fantastico… wonder that how many time consumpt?

Her butt should probably be sunk into the sofa cushion a little more, I think. But very nice overall.

Beautiful and clean.

about ten days but not full time

Yes exactly, i made compositing in blender and some color correction in gimp

nice, but, is it just me, or does the woman seem a little large compared to the furniture?

very impressive i like it so much the rez the light,s , i even though,t that the man and the woman are real.
her high heels are beautiful :slight_smile:
it,s awesome work

They ARE real. Photoscanned models are as real as photographed pictures, so calling one over the other as being “real” and the other as “cg” is just BS, unless of course you didn’t bother to go to axyz and didn’t know they’re selling scanned models and not “making” them.

When you say “last”, do you mean latest?
Also can you show unaltered/raw render from Blender? I’d like to see it with textures without any filtering (excluding exposure/color management settings if any).