Interior shot

hi folks, i worked a little on an interior. I am not really satisfied, but I cannot say exactly what is bothering me. maybe it is generally due to the furnishings and that the picture is very left-wing. what do you think, what is bothering you? what do you find bad - let me know.

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It appears as if the whole thing is mirrored

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ok, changed the cameraposition.

how can i avoid that i can the the hdri in the mirror?! :smiley:

maybe this is the better composition:

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Hmm… I suspect it might be the scale. Specifically the vanity feels too large especially compared to the shower. As for the composition, I think try not showing so much of the room. Perhaps try a longer focal length. Also try changing the towel colour on the wall opposite the vanity to balance the image a bit (Bright red or orange?) Personally, I think the vanity is dominating the image and is drawing too much focus from the rest of the image.

Otherwise it’s an absolutely beautiful render, love the subtle details on the materials and fantastic lighting! :slight_smile:

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You might want to add some horizontal seams in the wood floor. It’s unrealistic to have wood boards that long imo.

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Hi, thanks for your critic I think I know what you mean - I have now changed a lot and also made the vanity smaller. generally I changed almost everything again. it would probably have been enough if I had just made the vanity smaller and white. I have not yet managed to handle the towels so well. but I’ll leave it at this for now. Thank you!

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i guess you are right. i changed the hole scene. also the floor…

I’ve fiddled with it for too long now. I think I’ll leave it like this now and post it in finished - finished …

thanks for your input. you can of course also tell me your opinion in finished projects! I ask for it.

final one: