Hi all, my attempt to make some interior rendering:

And a couple of details:

Cycles and post with PS.

C&C are very welcome! Hope you like it, thanks!

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Well done,the only thing is the exterior: in real pics i think the exterior should be more over exposed.

Nice model of the dogs. Did you sculpt them by yourself? Can you post some detail of them? Very nice job overall!

It is a very nice render. I really like the lighting, so natural. Perhaps marcoso is right about the exterior. Maybe it looks like more a painting or a picture in the wall that way… And I would ask you the same thing than Karl about the dogs: are them scanned? I also like the wood texture and the metal material. Congrats!

Thanks for you comments guys! Yes, I agree with the exterior, forgot to set up the correct strength for the background!

And the dogs model are from ‘’. Furniture models mostly from ‘’ and ‘’.

Glad you like it and sorry for my bad english!

And what was created by you?

@MZGarmi nothing really, the carpet and the radiator if I remember well… and change some textures of the downloaded models and setup shaders and lighting…