Living Room (remake)

Hi all,

I wasn’t very happy with a previous project, so I’ve remade it.

Here’s the original one:

And here’s the remake with some details:


Hope you like it!


I really like your renderings. Lighting and surface imperfection on the black wooden fish(?) statue is beautiful! :star_struck:
By the way, where did you got those models?

Nice Render, Love your lighting. Any tips on lighting?

@kanzelmisel Thanks for the comment! About the models I think all of them are free models I’ve found on internet except the plant, that is a purchased one and the two little black sculptures and the jars, that are made by me.

@Alor Thanks! I don’t have much to say, it’s and hdri and an emission plane for the lamp… and I try to be careful with the exposures of the lights… hope that helps!

Nice color schemes and fishes design. I like the peaches material too. This looks a way better then your previous attempt.

Nice, it should be on the feature bar
Good color management

@Miss_BB @wikifry Thanks for the comments!

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