Iron Maiden Stage Set WIP

Hey everyone,

After seeing Iron Maiden a couple of days ago, I decided to have a shot at modelling the space-ship themed stage set.
Not much to look at at the moment but hopefully it should turn out pretty cool :slight_smile:

Any Maiden fans on here?? Current:

:RocknRoll: ROCK ON dude, big maiden fan here, im jealous dude, never been able to go see them.

stage is looking good, would like to see eddie on there eventuallly

Hey stvndysn thanks for the reply! :slight_smile:
It was such an amazing show it was worth every cent, they’re going to the UK this year, you should definitely go!
I’ve actually started Eddie but it’s his classic look, not the latest incarnation.

I’d comment on your image, but I’ve got to run to the hills. My tailgunner has been captured by a powerslave, and now he’s lost somewhere in time. I’m afraid the sands of time for me are running low…

I’m going to listen to some Maiden right now!

:smiley: for eddie ill give you a score of the number of the beast

Hahaha nice little composition there 3dmedieval :stuck_out_tongue:
Haha thanks stvmdysn :slight_smile:

nice, has a good look to it, i personal love rock xD…but im more of a punk…who doesnt really care what people think…so rock on!!!

Heres an update
Hope you’s all like it :slight_smile:

The stage looks good. Very different from what i saw some years ago in Paris. Maybe you took some reference photos that you can show…

Yeah the stage is really different this tour
Heres some reference shots:


Is Iron Maiden still the same guys? Bruce Dickinson etc? (Can’t remember the other original guys).

Yeah it’s the same guys plus a new guitarist:

Bruce Dickinson (Vocals)
Steve Harris (Bass)
Dave Murray (Guitar)
Adrian Smith (Guitar)
Janick Gers (Guitar)
Nicko McBrain (Drums)

Heres a small update:

Still very much a WIP but heres a little update :slight_smile:
All comments and critiques very welcome!

That’s good to know. 3 guitars. Geez…

Stage looks great. The lights are going to be fun. And those stars - you could hang strings of emit spheres…

Yeah it’s pretty crazy, like a mini guitar orchestra! :stuck_out_tongue:
Any idea how I could animate the colour of a light and say change the colour of all blue lights at once to red instead of selecting every light and changing the colour?

Can you just duplicate one and the animation will go with it? I know you can do that, but I’ve struggled with duplicated lights snapping back to their original positions. In this case, you won’t be physically animating the lights, so it might work.

I just duplicated all my lights and then selected them all and went Objects>Make Links>Lamp Data and then I could change any setting on one light and it would affect all the others.

Here’s another update, I’m just experimenting with lights and I added in the doors in the corners.

dude the stage is really coming alive now, its looking that good i might have to run to the hills.

Getting ready for the big show! Time to wheel in the overlarge stacks of Marshals! Surprisingly, there are none on the actual stage. Wow. I guess this stage style is supposed to be some kind of aircraft hangar? I have not kept up with the band, so I’m not sure what their latest album is about.