Is 64gb ram overkill for blender?

Is 64gb ram overkill for blender? Will I benefit from it for modelling and rendering high poly scenes?


I have 16 GB of RAM and so far it has been excellent in modeling, only slow in simulations and sometimes my computer has restarted

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64 GB in the blender is fantastic

I think blender recommended is 32GB. But 64GB would be even better. I have 24GB in my system, and sculpting on models with voxels at over 1Million vertices will not over run the ram. But rendering takes up lots of ram for some reason. You said your going to be rendering scenes? Then I would go for 64GB.

What is your vga ? Can it render high poly?

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So far it has performed well but has been a bit slow for the realism scenes

For high poly projects, it has bothered me more in the viewport

64GB of RAM is great for high poly renders and projects.

What os your vga card?

Memory is like closet space. If you don’t have something to put in it then it’s not really doing anything for you. But these days an “average” desktop machine is in the 16-32GB range so 64GB isn’t a ridiculous amount and it’s not hard at all to turn up the knobs until even that doesn’t look like very much.

Amd Radeon vega 7 2gb

The graphics card is good but poor and the rendering speed is the size of a CPU.

Hi Andi,

I recently went from 24GB to 48GB and it was liberating. If one can afford it I will always recommend more RAM (more the merrier imho). You never know what you’ll be working on down the road. There’s nothing worse than running out of RAM or swapping memory out to disk. The best GPU with as much ram as one can afford is also recommended. Unfortunately GPU prices are just nuts at the moment. Keep an eye out on the AMD GPU developments being built into Blender 3.x.

Cheers and happy blending!

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I currently have 16GB RAM in my machine and I rarely run into issues, even when rendering, my GPU with 2GB VRAM is undoubtedly an bottleneck though, but since it is old I rarely use it for rendering final
Sine VRAM is the first limiting factor for rendering on the GPU it is essential to upgrade this first if you want to render on the GPU. System RAM can become an issue for simulations, sculpting and working with big scenes. However I think 32GB is enough/optimal if you don’t do large scale simulations and high detail sculpting.
Just make sure that you buy large RAM chips (16 GB rather than 8GB) so that you have slots free on the mainboard to be able to upgrade later.
On a side-note, I would advice against AMD GPUs for various reasons.

Thx but mine is an igpu ,5700g

Radeon vega 7 2gb . Is it the one used by 5600g?

Tux bro,what is your vga card?

Vega 7 is used in amd ryzen 5 pro 4650g CPUs, but I do not know the rest of the CPUs.

So is my computer CPU

I’ve got 16GB of ram and more than once, when rendering with higher sample rates, my PC efffectively “dies” as it starts spooling to “virtual ram”, i.e. the disk. My mobo is maxed out at 16, but if it could handle more, for sure, I’d up it to at least 32GB. No such thing as too much memory when dealing with 3D and video.