Is anyone working on AI and Retopology?

Hi, I am also a ml engineer which wants to deploy ML in retopology. In my opinion, this ML system has two parts: first is a patch segmentation module, second is a query module which searches for similar retopologized patterns in the database.


Good to have you aboard man! :slight_smile: Let’s hope you will create something cool in the future.

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Wrap is amazing but it’s still a manual process that requires several hours of artist time to get right. When you realize you may need to perform the same process on upto 50 different head scans and all of their FACS blendshapes on a given film production you start looking for another way. :slight_smile:

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There’s a Wrap alternative for Blender, maybe it’s interesting for you to have a look at?

Wrap has had a texture feature matching node for a while now that makes properly captured FACS data wrapping a breeze.