Softwrap - Dynamics for retopology

So, the idea is:

It turns out that spring dynamics did the trick!

And I know, it seems like a cloth simulator but it was a totally accidental discovery, I swear…
It took a lot of time to get working fine and fast but its finally ready, hope you like.

Gumroad link:




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Nice trick man!

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This looks sensational! I have questions :slight_smile:

Can it do the interior of the mouth?

Even better, can it do a whole body and head with a single mesh?

Yes, you can mask the interior of the mouth and only snap the exterior.
A full body should work just as any other mesh as long as it’s the same proportions, (hands of the same size, arms of almost the same length, etc…)

Ahk, so I manually manoeuvre the full body base mesh roughly into place and the addon does the final fit…

This is great :slight_smile:

Yup, pretty much, it can also update the mesh shape while the simulation is running so you can go to edit mode any time and make changes to the mesh.

Holy freaking hell. Great work…!


I assume this would also work with scan data. So if I have a high-quality basemesh I can snap it to a scan of a face?

Very cool , is their anything blender cant do?
Awesome Job!

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Yes, exactly, you might also want to use vertex groups and mask some parts you dont want to snap in the scan also.

blender can do what python can do :slight_smile:

Absolutely amazing!

PROPS on your outstanding talent for Blender development, and bringing this to the Blender community!


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Thanks @WillBellJr

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Can Softwrap yield better results than QuadRemesher? I already own that. Or maybe does this retopo is situations that QR would not be able to?

Looks great! Any chance of a Gumroad posting? I don’t really like to use Blender Market if I don’t have to because if a creator leaves, you lose access to your purchases from them.

Software doesnt yield results by itself, it transfers topology from one model to another of similar shape, you need to use a pre-made basemesh so whatever the quality of your basemesh is, that’s your end result.

Think like that, you retopo one head by hand once… next time you re-use that topology in another head, no need to retopo by hand again.


Well, I kinda like BlenderMarket, it has better presentation and how it handles the support chat is good. But since you mention I will consider adding an gumroad link

Cool. Thanks. Looks kinda fun. I’ll need to revisit this when work slows.

Oh yeah, it’s a great platform, except for that one ugly blemish that I’ve personally been burned by. If you choose not to offer it on Gumroad, that’s totally fine and I’ll just get it on BlenderMarket. It’s just not my first choice because I have to be a lot more vigilant about keeping track of updates and downloading them. :slight_smile:

Any chance for gumroad ? I prefer this platform.