Is it possible to connect Points / Edges without manually knife?

to become


Check TinyCAD addon (I think comes within Blender).

Thanks .

But it does not good works .

It will auto delete faces and just allow to select 2 edges every times. Low effective

Yeah, that happens (might be a bug) but you can simply select all and create face (A > F).

Also check Snap Utilities addon (Free version comes within Blender as well). This addon has ‘CAD-like’ line tool. See its wiki for how to use:

Actually, Connect Points / Edges is from C4D. hahahahah~~~~~ It’s very useful tools.

Well, Snap Utilities Line addon is very similar K(nife) with c 90° + z . reduced 2 steps . but also by hand.

especially , it has much more require connect points / edges.

Maybe someone addon developer will develop it. :slight_smile:

Thanks anyway !

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Unfortunately CAD like features are not something Blender shines on (I hope this changes in the future).

You can suggest this feature to that developer in his addon topic :upside_down_face:

Good luck!

Suggested. but I don’t expect too much.


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