Is it possible to get all new edges sharp when using edge bevel tool?

Hello! I have tones of models with similar style where i had to edge bevel a lot and after a while i came to conclusion i have to ask about it, cause it would make the work so much shorter. I would like the beveled edge to keep the “mark sharp” value, yet no matter what options i use from the edge bevel menu i either get no “mark sharp” on the new edges or im getting some weird results with normals and auto-smooth. How can i make the new outer edges get the “mark sharp” treatment automatically (including the short, outer ones)?

I have tryied to get help on reddit some time ago, but it was silent there. Perhaps someone here will know the answers. Will appreciate it :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

I gave it a try and best idea was to either add Mark Sharp to quick favorites or assign a key to it then when you add the new bevel and it is still selected, hit the key…

I am sure there is a way just when adding the bevel, but I couldn’t find it so perhaps someone else will know a better way…

Thank you a lot for reply. Problem with that solution is that it would also mark sharp the inner edges i want to keep smooth (they are also selected after bevel).

Did you try “select boundary loop”? Don’t know if it will recognize the most complicated of surfaces but it should work with your example. Just create a shortcut and you’re good.

That would make it require 2 presses and 2 clicks, insetad of 5 clicks and 1 key press. Thats just one finger action less per bevel i will have to make. :confused:
But thanks for suggestion nevertheless.