Is it possible to make several bevel on the same objet

Is it possible to make several bevels on the same object? I saw that it was possible with the Speedflow addon but I can not afford to have it, so I’d like to know if there is another way to get a result without having an addon.

Maybe add a second bevel modifier.

this is what I get as a result :cri:

Yep, the speedflow addon, as with others, simply streamlines a workflow to reduce key presses.
You can select points and assign them to a vertex group, then have a second bevel modifier only act on that vertex group. One caveat is, you can’t have a loop of vertices, sometimes, to isolate the points, you need to subdivide an edge so the bevel behaves as expected.

ok can you make me a screenshot? to better understand.

This post might help. He made a series of tutorials showing how to do the type of no destructive modeling of Speedflow without addons.

Made a small video, hope it helps


Thank you it’s really nice your video was very useful for me

Thank you it’s really nice

You’re welcome, glad it helped. :slight_smile:

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