Is Jashaka project a complete hoax? or

direct to Sputnik7 which is for sale and does not look like a video tool but more like a youtube movie platform.

I remember a post here in Blendernation which announced Jahshaka to restart by the end of this month but not finding now even any website to Jahshaka makes me think this was a donation trick/fraud.

The website: is still active but only list a crashing Player software however has some recent 2012 posts.

Any idea or other news? Did I miss something?

When it comes to open source non-linear video editors, the most decent one I’ve come across is Openshot. I haven’t used it much, though, so I wouldn’t dare to comment on its quality and/or maturity.

@cekuhnen, here’s the link to their current site. There’s also a link to their blog on the upper-right-hand corner of the page.

As for Jahshaka project being a complete hoax, well, only time will tell…

More time?, They only show screen mockups for years, I remerber this proyects from 10 or so years, and not a single build works fro me

this is odd when I searched for jahshaka I did not find any .com site - thanks Google …

Ah well so 4 more days lets see.

I remembered downloading and trying out version 2 of Jahshaka a few years ago. Wasn’t as stable when I tried foolin’ around with the paint and editing tools. Well see if version 3 is gonna be released (I’m guessing sometime between this Sunday or Monday). I’m not holding my breath…

sad news :*(
it seams to be really a hoax.
all links send you now to a fresh installed Apache Server.

Hmm, I really hope this isn’t / wasn’t a trick to receive the funding.

Perhaps the count down was there in order for to allow them time to withdraw all of the funds.

It’s just speculation of course, the website could be down due to them preparing it for a release.

Either way I feel bad for the people who donated money, if it turns out to be a hoax contact paypal!

it seams to be really a hoax.
maybe yes, maybe not! they mentioned that they will launch a new website along with 3 version.

Probably just a temporary problem. Just looked at the site and get:



And yet, mark my words:
The next time someone posts a thread asking about open source video editors, someone will definitely recommend jahshaka.
Always happens.

13 hours to go. For some reason I’m not feeling much anticipation.

Reinventing hollywood…
With jahshaka you can cut your dreams in your brain yourself…

Ah I see the site is back up.

Maybe i was a little bit to fast.
I am really curious about it.
If Jahshaka have a come back, the Open Source Community have a big player back in the game.

If Jahshaka have a come back, the Open Source Community have a big player back in the game.
Back in the Game ? You give great credit to earlier versions which to me were a piece of buggy crap. I don’t expect anything more with this ‘release’

I only know jahshaka after the Project died, but it ever seamed to me that Jahshaka is the most Powerfull Open Source Editor how works not only under linux.

Well but I think Lightworks is currently the best =)

“reinventing hollywood”- this slogan is a shame…

Honestly, we are better off supporting Lightworks: the Linux and Mac versions are in the pipeline, and the Windows versions is already quite powerful. Hey, films like “The King’s Speech” were edited and cut in it. I’ve been using it for some projects, and it works well (though the approach is very different compared to Premiere or Final Cut Pro 7)

Not quite open source yet, but hopefully it will be this year.