Is Spiderman into the spiderverse possible in Blender?

Is spiderman into the spiderverse graphics possible in blender. THe multicoloured glass and the comic style shadows and 2dish 3d feel?

Not sure what you’re asking, but with Blender anything is possible.


I mean the graphics, the look the feel.

If yes, how will you do it?

Thanks for replying BTW.

See the stippling in the shadows and the comic feel? That part

The materials and the lights will need some work with the nodes, and there is some post processing on it, but entirely possible nonetheless.

I am pretty much a noob while it comes to rendering and post processing, can you recommend some good tutorials which will help me make these kind of looks? I badly need to learn nodes and post processing.

Thanks for replying!

Only experimentation and being able to draw is really gonna get you there

Like, I’m 100% certain the cg animation is heavily supplemented with hand drawn animation in this film.

I’m super excited to see more of it!

Cgcookie is a given. they have a full course on Cycles materials

another good read is this document by Joakim Tornhill. it focus more on procedural materials (that shouldn’t require a complete texture/map file), but many of the fundamentals are there.

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Check these:

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IKR! The movie looks so cool! I wish I could do a short film with a similar look. My Render skills unfortunately are not the best. I need to learn the rendering part more. I am pretty good with other aspects of blender otherwise.


Thank you very much!

Thank you, I will definitely look into these!

I wonder if anyone could do a mock scene though! I want to see this effect in blender. If anyone is doing this, I would be glad to help in whatever way I can. Blender Institute really needs to make a movie like this. Agent 327 :slight_smile:. I am waiting for the feature film. They should probably turn it into a crowd made movie- like we could all contribute.

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The google docs guide is AWESOME!

Institute will only do a movie like this if they want to showcase something related (NPR nodes?). compositor and freestyle are already consolidated features, so… nothing to show

I meant Feature films. They need to stop showcasing and start proving that they can also compete with the likes of Pixar, Disney and the rest. Short films don’t bring in money. Feature films do. Speaking of showcasing, I am pretty sure an Eevee showcase will come soon.

Short films bring in investor money! Don’t knock em.

Not to knock the BI, but they simply can’t compete with the likes of Pixar. They don’t have the resources to run a feature production like that; it’s not just a matter of technical resources but project management and other fields as well.

But I’m OK with them being in the role of a promoter of Blender rather than full-on production.

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