Is the "Dynamic Context Menu" addon making a comeback for 2.8?

That addon was always the first one I enabled on a fresh install - and none of the current modes for the spacebar menu cut it for me - if we could have a combined Tools, Search and Favourites menu under one key - the spacebar, maybe it would come close - I could probably recreate it using the favourites if I could add the search option to the favourites.

Sorta can’t understand why we need the tools and search to be separate …
And the play function I use maybe once or twice a month, so that that’s completely useless for me…


2.8 does not seem to allow addition of menus to Favorites menu.
I don’t know if everything is ready about pythonAPI to write that kind of addon.
Addon’s maintainer probably did not have time to do the upgrade or how it should be upgraded.

They try to respect a rule to limit menus to 2 submenus in order to make them fast.
Contextual menu called by right click is also longer and more consistent than in 2.79 Specials.

You can give it a try. It is not the same thing.
But several items of right click menu are identical to some items of dynamic context menu addon items.
So, should such addon support every menu like in 2.79 ? or could it let navigation to navigation gizmo and duplicate, snap and parent menus, move to collection popup to right clic menu ?

My main usage was adding all the primitives, cameras, and rigs/bones (I don’t ever use the add menu since 2.49 days) as well as accessing the search function from the top.

I guess I could either be sorta ok if I a bit letdown if I could add a search button to the favourites under Q, or have a search button on the top of the tools menu to sorta remedy the situation.

I’ll look at the right click context menu - but the old Dynamic Context Menu and it’s easy and fast availability under the spacebar was always the hub of blender for me.

So, you don’t use shift A for that.

I can confirm that is possible to add search to favorites menu.
Open to Edit menu of Topbar.
Do a right click above Operator Search menu.
Click on Add to Quick Favorites.

During first try of floating toolbar, a search button was available. It should be possible to re-add it by editing UI scripts.

Yes. But you have to admit that menu grows like Blender grows.

Nope, never really had - in 2.49 the spacebar menu had all the options the later context menu had and it sorta stuck with me - never really understood why it wasn’t kept as the default.

Ooh, gonna try that out :smiley:

Yeah, it’s a tremendous amount of work done on 2.8 - I wasn’t really invested into the discussions about the spacebar usage thinking I’ll just keep on using the Context Menu addon.

F3 works as default search button.
You msy also reset the spacebar to search, I did, not on my pc now to find that in User Prefs.
The context right click menus are actually quite poweful, try them. Right click and one letter give you access to lots of contexturally relevant tasks.
Eg: right click + D = Remove Doubles, in edit / vertex selection mode.

hi, Yes the dynamic spacebar menu is back in nightly builds. I still need to do some work before 2.8 is released but most all functionality is restored already. In User Prefs change Keymap button to tools and save prefs then enable the spacebar addon.

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When I’m in the right click select mode there’s no right click menus, only the specials menu under W - at least for me they’re only available with left click select - which I refuse to use :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s absolutely brilliant!

Gonna link to your Thread here so that people who stumble on this thread know where to go:

moved hotkey back to spacebar, you can change in user prefs Keymaps at the top the spacebar from Search to Tools if there’s an issue.

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I’ve found that it’s mainly the new animation default key that screws with it the most. So I went into Preferences->keymap and deleted the spacebar entry for “Play animation” under the [frames] section, and the conflicts stopped. For some reason I had to delete the entry, not just remap it to something else. Bug? Maybe, but it works now.

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