Is there a plugin for diffraction?

So I was wondering if it is possible for blender to simulate the diffraction and interference effects causes by the wavelength of light.

Its been a long time since I have used blender however I don’t remember this being a feature of cycles. However there have been updates and such since then and I wonder if this is now possible?

Thank you

Short answer :
Cycles doesn’t support that by default, but you can achieve this with some heavy cheating…
I’m wondering if it’s really necessary except for specific cases, because you can always do some artistic cheats IMO.

Long answer :
you can look at this thread that should cover the subject :

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No, not possible to simulate as we dont’ have thinfilm shader (sometimes these effects are based on light direction rather than viewing angle). The thinfilm cheat mentioned above is waaaay too heavy for me. I’d consider the manual trick; magic low scale, some distortion magic texture driven by reflection coords to drive the color. That alone is usually sufficient for me. But you can normalize the measured output, apply some trig and modulo functions, then rescale it to the wavelenghts you need. It has nothing to do with simulation, but it doesn’t look half bad either.