Isolation Cell


Working on the textures with the help of Substance Painter.

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You forgot to add a small opening for food delivery and handcuffing.

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Yes I did. I’m using Substance Painter and Blender appears to be very finnicky about exporting anything but the simplest meshes to FBX format. No one has helped me to resolve that problem so I must work with simple meshes for now.

Ok, that makes sense. But why FBX? As far as I know (from googling) Substance Painter also supports dae, which is default file format for Blender.

I didn’t know that. I got the idea somewhere that I was supposed to use FBX.

Unfortunately, I’m now having problems with SP loading the dae file.

So it’s basically like jumping from a kettle to a frying pan. You have wider horizon, but you are still in trouble :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nice! Have you tried to add fog?

I can’t find a tutorial for doing fog in cycles in 2.8.

I modeled a new door yesterday:


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Just used this over weekend, hope it helps…

And this for more control in the composting editor…

This tutorial won’t work with 2.8. Different set-up.

This tutorial is missing half of the lesson.

I’ve started adding some further objects to fill in the scene. Manacles:


These shackles look real nice. The door as well.
Just out a curiosity. Can you actually move with the shackles with something (that they stay connected and collide) or is it “just” mesh. I was always doing it like static mesh, but interested whether you took another approach.