Issues Rigging Eyes with Pitchipoy Rigify

Hi guys, I’ve got my first character model about done and I’ve been working on rigging it. I’ve got the main body properly rigged and deforming with the Pitchipoy generated rig, but I’ve been unable to get the eyes to rig. They’re two separate objects, and I’ve been trying a few things with no success. Originally not parented to anything, I’ve tried parenting them to the main body, which is parented to the rig, and I’ve tried parenting them to the rig separately. At one point I was trying to weight paint the eyes to certain bones but I dont think it ever took. From what I’ve read, I should be parenting the eyes to two bones, MCH-eye.L and MCH-eye.R. But I click on those bones, in either edit or pose mode, and then shift click on an eye object, and ctrl+p doesn’t give me a bone option, and the entire rig seems selected instead of just one bone. I’ve even tried using the “child of” constraint on the eyes to type in the bone names manually, but that ain’t worked. I think I’m about out of eyedeas.

You are correct. You want to parent the eye meshes to MCH-eye.L and MCH-eye.R. The armature should be in pose mode and you’ll need the bone layer with MCH-eye.L and .R visible. Select the eye mesh, then shift select the bone, CTRL-P, Bone.

The child or children are selected first, then the parent. The last selected object is the active object in blender.

Good luck!

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Well heck, looks like I was doing it backwards this whole time. Thanks, you made my night.