It is finally here... EDGE FLOW (SET FLOW) for Blender ! (Benjamin Saunder)

yes of course I agree, it needs improvements, as @PolyGreen pointed out the Modo Workplane

anybody knows the status of the F2 - add-on ?

F2 is working with 2.8 but why would you use it when Machin3 made superior tool that makes f2 obsolete

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Sadly, ‘F3’ doesn’t create UV’s, so F2 still has its uses.
Edit: I don’t know why we’re talking about this in here, actually…

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Amazing plugin, very useful!
Is it possible to correct flow, but don’t distribute edges evenly?

Doesn’t some function in loop tools do the same?

If anyone needs it for 2.8 I’ve fixed a couple of lines that made it work, replace the original “” with this (2.8 KB)
I don’t know why, the linear operator gives a weird result


I created an account only to thank you! This solves so many issues with pinching (on low poly geometry combined with edge loops for subdivision). I also would like to have the flow corrected without distributing the edges evenly, if that’s technically/mathematically viable. :alien:

different than the one linked in the original post ? it seems they both require 2.8

do we add that to the zip downloaded from original link or from the one this guy says its a new branch for 2.8 ?

this seems to work in 2.8. Is it done already or there are some bugs to be fixed ?

Also Im looking for other Max like useful commands addons that work in 2.8. Can someone hint if there are/were available addons/scripts like :

Build End

Builds a quad ending to two parallel loops based on the vertex or edge selection.

Select two vertices at the ends of parallel loops ending at the same polygon or the edge connecting them and apply to build a quad ending to two parallel loops.

Using Build End at the Vertex level

Using Build End at the Edge level

Build corner
Builds a quad corner based on the vertex or edge selection to make an edge-loop turn.

Usage depends on the sub-object level:

  • Vertex Select vertices that terminate two loops that travel at right angles and end at adjacent sides of the same quad polygon and apply.

Using Build Corner at the Vertex level

  • Edge Select edges that connect two adjacent sides of a quad polygon and apply. Typically, these are edges where edge loops turn 90-degree corners.

Using Build Corner at the Edge level

Make Planar

Forces all selected sub-objects to be coplanar. The plane’s normal is the average surface normal of the selection.

At the Object level, forces all vertices in the object to become coplanar.

Tip: One application for Make Planar is making a flat side on an object. Normally, you would use a contiguous selection set. If the selection includes vertices on various parts of the object, the vertices are still made planar, but with distorting effects on the rest of the geometry.


Makes all selected sub-objects planar and aligns the plane with the corresponding plane in the object’s local coordinate system. The plane used is the one to which the button axis is perpendicular; so, for example, clicking the X button aligns the object with the local YZ axis.

At the Object level, makes all vertices in the object planar.

View Align

Aligns all vertices in the object to the plane of the active viewport. At sub-object levels, this function affects only selected vertices or those belonging to selected sub-objects.

In orthographic viewports, aligning to the view has the same effect as aligning to the construction grid when the home grid is active. Aligning to a perspective viewport (including camera and light views), reorients the vertices to a plane that is parallel to the camera’s viewing plane. This plane is perpendicular to the view direction that is closest to the vertices’ average position.

Above: Selected polygons in Perspective view

Below: Same polygons aligned to Front view

Grid Align

Aligns all vertices in the selected object with the construction plane of the current view and moves them to that plane. Or, at sub-object levels, affects only selected sub-objects.

This command aligns the selected vertices to the current construction plane. When the home grid is active, the current construction plane is specified by the active viewport. For example, if the Front viewport is active, Grid Align uses the XZ plane. If a perspective viewport such as a camera viewport is active, Grid Align uses the home grid. When using a grid object, the current plane is the active grid object.


Hi, there are two files in:

I tried install these two in 2.8, control+E does not show up edge flow for both in edit mode :frowning:

Having the same issue here would like this to be updated to the latest version of blender if possible. It looks like it’s trying to append the function to a menu that doesn’t exist in the API anymore? “bpy.types.VIEW3D_MT_edit_mesh_edges.append(menu_func)”


Figured out how to add it to the tool shelf myself, here is an updated version that should work in 2.8. Note that linear edge flow still has a bug but regular edge flow is working: (35.0 KB)

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Thank you @fusobotic, do you think given some time you can sort out linear edge flow as well ?

@Bracer I did a little testing and it actually seems like a simple logic error, gives back this:

Seems like there’s something up with coordinates being out of range, or an edge array being empty when you don’t use the tool with the right selection (needs to be an edge loop not an edge ring like I did in this screenshot). It actually works sometimes so I’ll attach a version with the set linear button for you too: (35.1 KB)

Seems like this is only an issue with my older build of 2.8 actually, so just update and it should work properly.

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I just want you to know I really appreciate what you are doing.

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