It is finally here... EDGE FLOW (SET FLOW) for Blender ! (Benjamin Saunder)

(Shylon) #41

yes of course I agree, it needs improvements, as @PolyGreen pointed out the Modo Workplane

(PolyGreen) #42

anybody knows the status of the F2 - add-on ?

(fiendish55) #43

F2 is working with 2.8 but why would you use it when Machin3 made superior tool that makes f2 obsolete

(Michael Knubben) #44

Sadly, ‘F3’ doesn’t create UV’s, so F2 still has its uses.
Edit: I don’t know why we’re talking about this in here, actually…

(Сергей Голубев) #45

Amazing plugin, very useful!
Is it possible to correct flow, but don’t distribute edges evenly?

(bloox64) #46

Doesn’t some function in loop tools do the same?

(ArasTM) #47

If anyone needs it for 2.8 I’ve fixed a couple of lines that made it work, replace the original “” with this (2.8 KB)
I don’t know why, the linear operator gives a weird result