Jeep Willy's (first job in Blender)

Hello to all! :slight_smile:

I want share with you my first job in Blender (not the very first); Jeep Willy’s. My gol is learn Blender (I used always 3dsmax) to understand the basic concepts and workflows. I will try to be as assiduous as possible with the w.i.p (compatibly with the my work) and I hope to receive criticism, advice and suggestions. Thank you in advance to all those who want to follow my work :slight_smile:

Edit: New Thumb


Adjustment of volumes Jeep… Actually I go to “nose” for the internal volume, since I don’t specific reference images…ufff…

Small Up (my work takes me time :frowning: )

Created the “chassis” which is important to determine the volumes of the bottom of Willys. Intentionally left basic, since it’s not my intention to create images from under the vehicle etc …

there was a few thread on this jeep things
depends also which model your doing

coming up nicely

happy bl

Thanks for the advice RickyBlender. Now I try to look for threads to which you refer :wink:

Thanks RickyBlender!!! I do not think there was even a tutorial for this jeep !!!

Thanks for the link, two threads I found I too :slight_smile:


if new thread can you give the links to complete the list

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Up wip

With the tutorial posted by Ricky blender, I could find hundreds of photos and references of willy’s, so I decided to start all over again. Patience is virtue of the strong :smiley:

Up Wip.

With limited time, I began modeling the rear traction Willys. This modeling it was very useful for the exploration of some tools in Blender, as the mod Mirror, Cut and Slice etc. Very funny!!

C&C they are welcome :slight_smile:

Little Up

Today I’ve half an hour of time to continue the wip. create the reference wheel, extention of rear-wheel Drive and little details. I think I do not create the entire engine, while the forecarriage yes…

C&C are welcome :slight_smile:

are you using subsurf here ?

begin slowly adding some mat
won’t take time and will look better
and don’t end up with a lot of work for mat

was not there a universal joint ?

happy cl

Yes RickyBlender, I use SubSurface here.

For the mat. sincerely I have to understand how they work yet. Both the unwrap that the section of the materials I have not yet studied. I use blender for about a month (I use 3dsmax), and my attention is referred to the modeling section. My purpose is finish the model and then study unwrap/material. In your opinion, is the best route?

Thanks for your reply!!

I usually do the mapping once finished the model. Normally I use a mix of procedural material and textures, but this model I would use only the textures. For the rendering, I think to use Cycles (to study also), but it’s all to be evaluated (the my PC It is not performing :smiley: )

Thanks so much for the link RickyBlender, it surely will watch with interest!! :slight_smile:

I found some time to continue wip Willy’s. Completed the chassis. I don’t add other details, because unnecessary for the context of the model.

Comments, recommendations and suggestions are welcome

Coming along, looking good.

Wip update.

I started to model the body of willys.

Wip Update. Add little details on Willy’s


Wip Up

Add little details in the rear of Willy’s

Small up WIP

Tried to recreate the tire of Willy’s with fast material. Let’s see if it fits, since the model was created on another PC :smiley:

Little Wip up
Began modeling front of Willys (most difficult as I imagined) and added a few details…