Jesus wept.

I painted this, but ended up liking my pencil drawing better. In my recent work I am trying to back off on use of the bold lines. However, I am finding this difficult because I like the bold linework - but many have said I should avoid it. I guess I like it because I grew up looking at comic book art. Further, the bold linework seems to give the piece… POP. What say you?

If you want to see the painted version, go here (christian site):


Wow, that’s amazing! I agree about the linework; I was going to say that it gives it a certain look that’s really unique. But then again maybe I like it because I grew up with comic books too.

I wish I could pencil like that, but I just can’t visualize what I want to draw when looking at paper. I can draw things without even construction lines when on the computer, but pencilling has become hard for me. I need to stop drawing with a mouse for a while…

Wow. Really looks like you put a photo through a filter.

Really great. You have done great detail. How long it’d take ?

Maybe because I like to use one of those blending stumps rather than cross-hatching. You do not see the pencil lines as much because of that approach - but you can see the line work in the prayer shawl. I am working on a piece now where I am not blending quite as much, trying to leave some of the pencil marks within the blended areas to see if it would add to the character of the art. Also, I am not having the bold outlines like in this one.

Kbot, exactly how long I do not know. I do this as a hobby and draw a little here and there. I don’t watch the clock. So, it’s hard to say how long. I will say that it took a loooooong time.


The bold lines might not be too good in all scenery, but in the shown example i really like them, they kind of frame the focus to his face great from my point of view.

In this image the dark outlines work wonderfully. I also agree that I like the pencil sketch better than the painted version. This piece has a lot of character and personal style to it.

firstly i love it.
i think you show that he is only human like us very well.
i too think the pencil one is better, not because of skill, but because in general black and white creates a better contrast and feel to the piece.

you hard work paid off :slight_smile:

//charlie 5*s

I like it. I am not a Christian or anything but I think you captured a sense of humanism that anyone, regardless of religion, can relate with. The linear brush work reminds me of Northern Renaissance work. Makes me think of this artwork:

I like the painted version as well, but I’d say I like this one better.

i think you show that he is only human like us very well.
He’s not… He lived on Earth for a time in a human body, but that didn’t make Him human in reality.

He was not just a man, I think he may have taken this from the shortest verse in the whole Bible, which was “Jesus wept”. He came down to Earth to live in a human body, so he would have access to all human emotion.

“and was made man.”
the wording differs from religion.

of course i didnt mean he was only human. but he was and is.
he ran away from his parents, ate, drank, bled, wept and suffered pain to the point of dieing. that is what i am getting at…
honestly some people in this world are so sad spending all their time looking for an argument…

anyway, stop arguing with my beliefs…
according to blenderartists religion isnt allowed on these forums so as far as you are concerned i could believe in a piece of cheescake and itd be fine.

if i remember right CD is in enough trouble with various people as it is?

back to the art or a moderator will get angry and eat you all :wink:


I believe(in an strange way, think most religions have a chunk of truth), but if I wouldn’t, I’d still like the expresion. Human as it could be. Which is common to any position.

Still, some small art critic. Maybe lips are to much in silouhette. Run away from toomuch profiling in certain areas, dig on real lips, maybe :slight_smile: Also, the inbetween mouth line is maybe to straight. usually make s a curve with several corners. most of those final things in a drawing person are probs that come from the concept of “what is a mouth” , which forces a shape which does not resemble a real mouth, but what the mind is thinking it is… is needed ten another analityic level more, forcing the mind… be it from reference, or the way I prefer to draw, from mind.
If you’re just heading to some special expresive strength(intentionally non realistic) in that area which is escaping to my knowledge, sorry then. :slight_smile:

Good work.

I really dig the hands, hard worked detail.

(am a realistic drawing person my self)

Would you mind making a tutorial or video or something as to your technique. Even just a timelapse of you doing a drawing (maybe in photoshop or gimp.) would be cool and educational. I have to admit I am not religious in the least bit but I am really taken by this drawing. :D.

Amazing work. God has blessed your hand man, and may He continue to do so. Five stars.

That’s amazing.

I must say I like the painted version better; color variations convey emotion, and I think a monotone conveys more of a bland depression, where the vibrant color variations convey a sort of living sadness. That’s just my opinion of course.

It looks like something right out of a comic book - depending on the style of the comic book of course - but I have seen a comic book style indistinguishable from the painted version.

Five stars all the way.

PS: charliemcf, you really were asking for it by saying Jesus was “only human”. That doesn’t justify the ensuing argumentative discussion of religion, but what did you expect? Christians seem to be very easily offended. (I am Christian too, but still.)

ermm i am a catholic…
thats my point! :D:D

people seem to think im trying to insult them… either that or are slightly paranoid…

on the picture i think itd look quite nice on a dark grey, almost black background?
or some slight charcoal markings just to tone down the contrast between background and foreground a slight ammount.

i think this is an excellent example of how some people could cause trouble in an empty room… “i think you show that he is only human like us very well.”
there are satanists everywhere… why pick on people of your own faith? :smiley:
seems a bit silly to me :smiley:

apologies, but genuinely over here (where i live) people see jesus as a carpenter (who happens to be the Son of God…) which helps them to relate to him. like in the poorer areas over here no-one wants to have faith in a rich-type figure :stuck_out_tongue:

peace :slight_smile:


horseman, I think the drawing is technically excellent! However, something in the back of my mind is bugging me slightly: I can see Jesus’ weeping in his tears, but his facial emotion and body language does not seem to express it. If you look beyond the tears, his face does not seem to convey the impression of sorrow. It more seems like he is sternfully looking at the viewer. I would maybe have expected his eyes to be slightly more closed from the muscles around them, his nose to maybe be more flared open, and the edges of his mouth to be slightly pulled downward (it’s a bit hard to explain). I’ll see if I can put a simple sketch together to visualise it…

horseman: Here is my rather crude drawing attempt at what I was trying to explain to you above. I hope you don’ view this negatively, as I am trying to give my best opinion here. Look at what I am trying to tell you about the emotion - don’t look at the details of my drawing, as it was done in quite a hurry. (For example: my drawing’s face it too long, not tilted correctly, etc. - but look past that)

Like I said: I think yours is technically brilliant!

Hate to be a party pooper, but imo this drawing is part drawing, part photo, and part image editor. If I am wrong, my apologies. For example, I don’t think many people would go to such lengths to reproduce the grain of the textiles, with such exactitude. By comparison, the moustache looks flat, and less realistic. Again, sorry if I am wrong. It’s a cool image whether it is pure drawing, or not.