Jiggle Armature 2

this is a new version

  • easy animation of softbody effects using just bones
  • real time simulation
  • multiple edition of parameters for selected jiggle bones
  • jiggle bone control through control bones
  • unconditionally stable simulation

edit (7/14/19): I just released a new version (2.2.1) for blender 2.79 and 2.80, checkout


Can you bake the results to animation? (for exporting to .fbx)

yeah just enable automatic keyframe insertion (the red button in the timeline) and play the animation

Oh yeah, nice idea. I tested it a bit, pretty cool, although it seems pretty heavy for characters. For my character I got about 18fps, without it I get 30.

Good tool. Thanks

Thanks but I don’t think I’ll be able to use it (as-is).
I was just working on a way to use the previous version when I found this existed. However the same performance issue (hence my previous workaround) now persists entirely throughout this.

I’m using Rigify and even if no bones are using jiggle, when it’s enabled on the rig, playback (and timeline navigation) drops to like 1-2 fps.
I “was” using a second rig for individual bones but because this one applies jiggle to every armature, there’s no way to perform this workaround.

I don’t know why this addon isn’t being received with more enthusiasm. It’s a great addon that can dramatically save on animation time while upping the production value. Should really be a part of default Blender.

I sincerely hope this is still in development.

There are two drawbacks that I’ve come across while using the addon that the developer might like to address:

  1. Physics do not reset when playing from the beginning but continues simulation from the last pose into the first pose
  2. There doesn’t seem to be a “gravity” control. Would be really useful to have a slider control to control how much the bone points down. Maybe even could be made to point in a desired direction.

Thanks for the great addon!


I’m sorry about the old thread revivial, but can someone explain to me how baking works? I tried seleecting my bones, activate the automatic keyframe , but nothing happens.


In the 3D viewport, search for “Bake Action”, set the desired frame range and options, then click on “OK” to bake.
Note: Make sure the bones don’t have any keyframes on them, else it won’t work. Also, you may have to zero out the bones first if things go a bit crazy.

I don’t know about the automatic keyframing method. Couldn’t get it working either.

Our studio is creating some AR apps and I’ve integrated Jiggle Bones on some characters, and it’s fantastic.

Above is an example where it was used. The character’s hair, and the hair on the horse’s mane and tail are Jiggle Bones. They did require some keyframe fixing afterwards (The horse’s tail required quite a bit of work actually), but all in all, they save a lot of time and look pretty great.


That’s amazing. This is a feature that need to be on Blender asap, even as a addon. :slight_smile:
Thank you for you answer. It worked really well.

Do you have any workflow to avoid that starting moving of the jiggle bones at the initial frame or just adjusting after baking into keyframes?:


I agree. I really hope we get some official physics-based bones. Maybe for Animation 2020 perhaps, haha.

In terms of the bones moving in the beginning, try zeroing out the rotations for all the Jiggle Bones and make sure the playhead is at the beginning. The Jiggle Armature seems to treat whatever pose the bones are at last as part of the simulation and don’t start from the beginning only.

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Nice! I will try later. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I tried it but it is not working for me. I also added first key.

Try the “Bake Action” method we’re discussing.

RLY nice addon ;] but is there any plans to give the bones aditional control or any other addon with can help define the bones more?
https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/$jigglebone something like this woud be great XD
Just locking the axis woud be a guge thing !

Man, Blender developers should consider to take a closer look to this addon…


Any news of a porting to 2.8?

What would be great is if Blender received an official support for physics-based bones, including being moved like Jiggle Armature, with support for collisions.

According to one of Pablo’s livestreams, apparently, the devs know about it and it’s being used as well, so hopefully this isn’t a pipe dream. Bones that automatically add secondary animation is so, so useful.

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Exactly! That’s why I’m afraid of losing such important feature. :frowning:

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Just an update for others who like what Jiggle Armature does. There’s a new, really promising add-on being developed in another thread: ghost_IK (virtual Inverse Kinematics bone system that don't need controller)(dynamic bone IK). Even collision is planned, which is a major feature Jiggle Armature lacks.

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