Hi all.
here my latest personal work done for a competition on a italian forum charactersforum.com.
Modeling in Blender 2.61 (bat3a builds)
render in vray Because I haven’t gpu memory enought for render in cycles (sigh)

IMO, straight to the gallery!
I thank you so much for the time lapse video !!!
It’s not the tools, it’s the artist that makes the differences.

render in vray Because I haven’t gpu memory enought for render in cycles

ha ha, well said.

Amazing model and loved the timelapse, some really interesting ways of doing things in there. Wondering if you had the link to the competition. Would like to know the contest rules, etc. Great piece.

omg! that’s awesome :smiley:

nothing to say… except : wow!

Absolutely awesome. Get a picture of more of the body, and this one is gallery. Post to CG society too. Blender needs some recognition

Haven’t even finished watching it and I’ve already learned something I like very much! I always go from the hand to the fingers, I never thought of doing the opposite, great technique!

I watched the timelapse up to the zbrush part (will watch the rest later when i’ll have more time) and i’m completely in awe, superb modelling work, great talent, simply amazing, lots to learn.

nice work! 5*

loooove it! Perfect!!

Amazing and inspirational work. Everything about this is perfect. 5*'s

Amazing! Congrats man! :wink:

Beautiful work!

thankyou guys!

I’m speechless.

Very nice work, congratulations and 5 golden stars for me.

Just out of curiosity - how long did the render take and would it be possible to give here a Cycles try in CPU mode?

Ever since that youtube video got popular, first thing that comes to mind when I see this character is…
“Do you know who I am?I’m the Juggernaut B**ch!”
Great modeling work.
Glad you posted the timelapse too.

Great, brilliant work! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing the timelapse.

great work!
congrats on getting on blendernation :slight_smile: