Jungle scene

Me and my friends were talking today about some glitches we noticed with realtime alpha calculation in previous versions of blender.We usually don’t use alpha effects because of theses glitches. For example, in blender 2.47, if you aligned two alpha mapped planes facing the camera, there was the possibility that the plane behind the first would act as an overlay. This was very intimidating, and it did’t look very good when it came to gameplay. I made a small game about five months ago that used alpha for things like grass and plants, and upon opening this in blender 2.48 I noticed that the glitch was not there. I also noticed that it seemed to calculate alpha a lot more accurately. To see if this was really the case me and my friends did a little test to see how good the alpha looked. Here were the results:


Wow, looks very impressive!

More screenshots:


did you export/import the foliage objects from crysis? looks good too

Yes! I found CGtextures a good resource as well.

If only blender had volmetric clouds like the Cryengine2.

that’s very nice :slight_smile:

What is your current FPS, with this foliage?

I got 60fps with everything in the scene.

Be warned that since extracting textures is illegal, you will not be allowed to post a file of this demo.

Haha, the first thing i thought was that it looked like crysis. :spin:

Very nice though, haven’t seen very much decent foliage in the GE. Pity its not 100% original.

Nice work. I recognized the models and textures right away. :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, GOOD WORK! :slight_smile:

We have most of those tree types made for our game. if you would like you are more than welcome to download and replace them with our content.
Your scene looks very nice.


I recognized the models and textures right away. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea, it’s obvious.

This looks great, but how much of this did you do yourself? From some of the previous comments, it sounds as if both the models and the textures are ripped.

No just SOME of the textures. I had to keep playing crysis and then going back and trying to duplicate the models so they wouldn’t look wierd. To my knowledge there is no cgf importer for blender but if there is one that would fricken sweet.

There should be good textures you can find online for foilage.

But this is proof a good portion of graphical quality is textures.

Alright. Im going to replace the crysis textures with these ones so I can distribute a .blend file


Looks awesome!

Maybe you could use alpha planes?

The point of having volmetric particles is so you don’t have to use alpha mapped planes.

Well. The Blender Game Engine is still being updated. They’re probably going to port nearly all the Blender functions to the game engine.
I should do some research. I wonder how those volumetric particles work (and differ from alpha mapped planes).

- AniCator