Hi, this is my first attempt to model a car. it’s for some kind of a knight rider fanart picture i’m working on. any ideas, how to improve it? i followed an old german tutorial on youtube, by blendernerd93 thanks for this, without it it would be much worse…

this is the final render with the car:


It looks pretty great to me. Perhaps some of the contours could be a bit smoother, but I don’t really know anything about modeling cars. Is there an interior?

thanks! I modelled the armatures and stearing wheel, but didn’t texture it (it won’t be seen in the final render)

Looks great for the most part. But needs thickness added to the roof pillars and such, since the interior is visible. (May need to reference pics of Firebirds of that era to get an idea of what is going on there with the frame and interior panels.) Having only the outside surface leaves it looking paper-thin which looks off on an otherwise nice model.

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thanks! you’re right about the thickness, i was just too lazy to do something about it. but the feedback motivates me to work on it some more. it doesn’t help, that i don’t know anything about cars, so i’m going to search some reference…

finally i did the roof pillar thing. it’s not accurate but adds thickness…

Do you know why Michael Knight never wanted to be in a relationship with a woman?
Because he already has a car that talks a lot.

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i tweaked a few things, i still have to model the doorhandels and the inside of the door.
texturing the armatures would be fun, but a lot of work :roll_eyes:

Knight Industries Two Thousand :star_struck:
It looks good to me… the windows/roof/windshield seem to be the ones less accurate, but good even so. :slight_smile: The kitt light in the front looks real.

hey rogper!
i’m happy that you like the scanner lights! the windows are a challenge, they should be smooth but not flat, and fit into the frame :thinking: but i leave it like this…
thanks for your critique!

For the Windows, for your future projects you may experiment with the modifiers like lattice, mesh deform and surface deform. These will allow you to model the glass straight and then deform them as needed without destroying the original.

finally i did a final render with the car:
hello K.I.T.T.

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this looks great.

thank you!

Have to just say I love it, and the presentation scene has a lot of nice touches like the Knight Industries mug and era appropriate computers/electronics.

I will say the wall textures and pipes don’t quite work. perhaps it’s simply a lack of imperfections? Fixable with noise textures and a musgrave or two if that’s it.

As for KITT, very nice. You 100% nailed the scanner.
I think that’s technically the wrong paint finish? I haven’t seen the show in a while and they’re all basically 480 resolution anyway (80’s TV, heh) however, it does still look quite good.

Worth noting: the windows on KITT were often with a heavy tint? They did have quite a few copies of the car with different things for various shots/stunts/etc, so it’s pretty hard to get a perfect version.

Overall, you’ve hit my nostalgia buttons just the right amount. Nice work.

Thank you! the idea was to trigger that nostalgia buttons and create a 80ties vibe, so i’m happy, that you say that.

the brick-, pipes- and floortexture are made procedurally from scratch, that’s why they look unrealistic :wink: i usually want to make everything by myself, even if it looks bad.

thanks for your detailed critique!

I tried to give the bricks a little variation and make the windows darker. i also tried a more “sci-fi-ish” lighting. but now i call it finished, because it’s already on the finished projects section.