kakachiex2 3D sketchbooks

This is a recent project for an small game in blender to learn the Game engine

and old render test in blender cycles

some Skin modifier sketch

These birds are better than the original! I love them…

your skin mod doodles are awesome, they could already be low res assets or great sculpt base meshes, pure skeleton or small edits to the mesh?

and… do you have a textured version of the first guy, he looks cool. :slight_smile:

100% skin modifier…:yes:

Some more old 3d model Blender combined whit hexagon and sculptris

thanks i make those bird from a lamp concept for kids i found in the internet only for testing the cycles render

Nice sketchbook, my favorite is probably the knight :slight_smile:

My skin modifier hand and creature, those are for a book i’m develop

excellent sketchbook.
Impressive use of the skin modifier.

thanks michalis is an honor coming from you, take time to get those result with the skin mod…

Great topology on these, cool work for your book :slight_smile:


thaks tungerz

POKEMONS! Great sculpts.
I`m glad more and more great sculptors are using blender for sculpting.

Very cool things you have going on here! I love the orange lighting in #5, great job! :smiley:

There were Pokemons?

Great work here! I especially like the classy old dude in your second post. Really nice, clean shapes and details.

First post, last image. They really look like Pokémons! LOL

I really liked the knight model. :smiley:

Some model Wip in sculptris i will retopo them on blender, sculptris is a great companion for blender

Some others Wip

Awwwesomee! :eek:
Im not a big fan of the orange light..though. It looks dramatic and all that but I cant see the model details too well… mainly cause there is too much shadow…

Great sculpts, very harmonious lines and volumes.:wink:
A lot of different angles, very cool!
Looks like you 're also very good in 2d!