Kaldewei Projeckt

I am working a character I want to use it in a filmlet at a later time. His name is “Kaldewei”.

He is a very unusual character and he shall look realistic as possible.
This is the point where I need your help!

The Look of Kaldewei:
The body is quite unusual because he is a living armor. The armor is made up from wooden bricks. They are all over his body and shall look like plumes. His mask and his body shall look a bit like an owl. “Kaldewei” has no lower jaw but a giant long and wild beard. The missing lower Jaw allows me to break to break the owl and pushing it forward in the same time.

To his story, Kardewei himself was once a human.
In my little story he is the ghost of an old how has tricked death. I am still don’t know if there is a misunderstood monster like Frankenstein or a monster that really becomes a monster.
But I think I will model him first and then I want to complete his story


No words, just awesome…awesome…could you share how you make the texturing…?

holy cow! Impressive, man! i would be glade to see more… and of course, the film once it is finished.

no Problem it is simpel is a Giant wood textur
I made the The UV ar over lapping and I muli use the same Textue…
and it ist a Test I wont to pait my one textur wiht Projection Painting to modifie tham
PS.: Sorry I am form Germany and it is Late

That is so amazing! Look forward to the next post!

I made the beart stronger becaus the lookt a bit week…
I Kno the breat ist in the Mask I will fix it in the Next frame
![H:\Kaldewei\Doku\TEX HEADBart10-07-08.jpg](H:\Kaldewei\Doku\TEX HEADBart10-07-08.jpg)

I missed the Image Sorry


it’s do on the corset and the skirt


News form Kaldewei
What ist You your Opineon To the Charater?


I quite enjoy the style. Does he get arms?

that is an awesomely original character. You’ve done an incredible job designing him and are doing an incredible job on bringing him to life.

odd concept , new idea , good work .

wery great!!!

that is an awesomely original character.


Nice to see the progress.

Yeah, a very creative character! I can not wait to see the metal peaces and finished art.

@ mtgg2000
Yes it does get Arms… but it is a bit ticky to get ist rigth

@ OrchidFace
awesomely is an horner an it tells me that do my job rigth J

and @ all
Thank you for your opinion,
I am woking on the Material
I wont to give the wooden bricks of Kaldewei a black metall border. I wont it to be old an full of rust. And I don’t get it… Have anyone any Idears?
I also changed sam of the bricks, I womt to loos the the One in One lock.

And one final thing is plant. I wont to give sam of brickes a rune (I think I will make same). I wont to burn tham in to the woodendrickes


so I finischt the wood textur…
next step is the OCC and a Mutch bedder Metall


i would just map specularity, hardness, color and raymirror. Check these textures
or these
Nice updates!

They ar grear thanks a lot

so to be hornest
I dont have mutch exeriens whit materials
and Rust is one of the strabgest things I have ever workt on
SO is anybody out ther how ist abel to give me an advice? PLEASE:eyebrowlift2:

PS.: The texturs realy helpt