Keep it loose with the weight

Another keep it loose quick sculpt sketch from scratch. I made a rough shape and posed it quickly. Then I added all the bulk without using symmetry. I did not use Dyntopo or multires, this was raw poly sculpting as usual, same path I took with the posed dude

Rendered in Eevee.


The pose is really good and i like the lighting and as a workout type of guy i like it!

Thanks for the confirmation, since I am not into such stuff, I only make some virtual guys get ripped.

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Very nice shapes, man! When you say raw poly sculpting, didn’t you even use the new remesh method by Palo Dobarro in the updated builds? If not, I really recommend you try it out. It is amazing. It works simmilar to Zbrush’s Dynamesh.

Anyways, always good to see nice anatomy sculptures made in Blender.

Cheers, mate!

Thanks for the compliments.

I am actually trying to avoid using remeshing methods because I am trying to develop my own way of sculpting in Blender if you will. I think putting constrains like that makes one more creative with the tools, at least that is my own take. There is always some wisdom in optimization and constraints when it comes to dealing with many thousands of triangles

Btw the voxel remesher is very nice however it does not do a good job with touching forms (naturally) like arms touching the torso, hands resting on pelvis etc, basically it fuses the forms when used with the static sculpts like that. Basically one has to unpose the sculpt, remesh it and pose it back.

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