keKit for Blender (2.8+)

Idea/request: the Slice tool from Modo, and it’s functionality where it can auto align to the dominant 2 viewport axis. It was really cool how you could hold Control to get straight cuts across geometry from the perspective viewport.

The Knife tool in blender is okay, but I really hate having to align the viewport to make it do that, and then having to redraw the slice out if it’s not right because it’s not adjustable before confirming really makes me miss the tool from Modo.

I realize this is likely a gigantic undertaking :sweat_smile: but just something I feel like I have to fight every time I use that tool (and I use it a LOT)!

I was actually thinking about taking another shot at Direct Cut, making a new tool, modal with a preview etc. would enable a lot possibilities…that alignment idea(I had forgotten about that ;D ) would be a nice feature for example. but as you say, will take some time (since I’d essentially be making my own loop cut tool), no ETA (but no knife tool tho…)
Edit: Migh be able to macro that tho as a knife tool launcher. will think about it.


That is great news! If you manage to do that, everyone coming from 3ds Max will instantly install this plugin just to mimic Swiftloop! :pray:

If you eventually get to it, could you include “set flow” as modal option to insert loops based on the edgeflow? I think it could be as simple as insert loop > perform set flow on inserted loop, so it shouldn’t be too complicated for you to add, since the set flow code is already available here:

Keep up the good work!

It would be cool if it would actually separate the mesh as Modo does, so you could just double click select part you want and delete or move it.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean. go a reference video?

Hi! Have a question - is it possible not to switch into edit mode of another object but add another object to current edit mode for editing 'em both?)

You can select both in object mode and switch to edit mode for editing them simultaneously . Is it what you’re looking for?

like with get set edit mesh? but “extend” ? it would be another op, which you could add a modifier key to similar hotkeys I guess. easy enough, i can add a small btn. it would save a few clicks, if that is something you do often (editing many objs at once)

edit: like so?

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Yes, exactly! It will be awesome! Thank you!

Nope. Often during modeling and mapping i need to check where another object’s trims are mapped. I have lots of objects in scene with lots of trims applyed to them. So every time going back and forth with selection isn’t best option for me…

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Hi Kjell, I have a fairly simple request: could you make an operator that toggles flat/ smooth shading? That would reduce hotkey usage by one.

Sorry for the OT, but what a nice theme you have there :slight_smile:

Thanks. It’s based on Modo’s theme from the default presets, but highly modified.

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Hey, sure thing

I also miss real flat shading where every triangle shades flat, not only surrounded by edges, in max i used it a lot…

v1.418 is up!


also for the knife, and connect tool would be nice with set flow tool…

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