Kid Character - I need help with the face-eyes

Hey guys, I’m trying to make a kid character following a tutorial from YouTube, but as you can see I have problem with the eyes/eye socket area, they seem to be bulging out as if he’s hanging or something :sweat_smile: I’ ve tried many times to play with the vertices around the eyes to make it look like a normal kid but to no avail :confused:

can anyone help - point out what is so wrong?

Here is the .blend file character10e.blend (1.1 MB)

Dunno, Disney et al did a lot of “bug-eyes” like that. (It has been said that the eyes of a Disney character, if proportional, would be the size of hen’s eggs.) But they do that because that’s where the expressiveness comes from. Most of their animation that’s meant to win your kid’s heart is devoted to the eyes and eyebrows. So, go ahead and put some eyes in there, and then make adjustments.

Hanged kid. Nice! Proko.

That’s a YouTube presenter and I’ve taken a lot of his 2D drawing and painting advice and thought to apply it to 3D. You’re neglecting two really important things even for a cartoon person: 1 A “shelf” how the brow juts over the eyeball and cheekbone (and recess that cheekbone back); 2 the center/pupil is not centered in the visible portion of the eye typically.

There’s exceptions to EVERY RULE! So I am not one to cut your head off for breaking them. This one video, however, might send you back to the model for a good, quality hour to tweak things…

Depending on how “cartoony” you do or don’t want this little kid to be, you might be able to get away with a very simple sphere similar to the one used in this character also now in WIP … a big eye with an exaggerated pupil. “The Mouse™” made a fortune from 'em – still does.

@sundialsvc4 thanks a lot for the replies, the Blender Mascot WIP is a good ref to study cartoony eyes!

@HelloHiHola thank you for the video, I will study it and also check the brow/cheekbone/pupils and see where this leads my poor kid :sweat_smile:

I ’ ll work on the guy and come back with any updates :slight_smile:

If you want to keep the catoony exagerated eyes, but have your guy look a little less hanged…

What you need is eyelids. The eyes them self are fine, but you need eyelids that can cover them up, blink, narrow, do all that other good facial expression stuff. I’d model them in a half-closed position, and use shapekeys to shut - open - etc them.

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I though about eyelids too, but I am a bit thoughtful as to how to approach them… Do I extrude the vertices from the rest of the head? or should I create a separate object altogether? I am quite new to 3d in general so I am still mostly learning about different workflows/approaches for different subjects. It’s my first time creating a character :slight_smile:

I would not make them separate objects - unless you want to go for a stop-motion style, where the eyelids are replaceable objects.

I would extrude and stretch the mesh of the face.

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