King Tiger Cut-Away

Starting another cut-away project. Mostly just boxing the big stuff out right now to make sure things basically fit.


Main gun (8.8 cm KwK 43) mostly flushed out…

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Big Nada-Boom :smile:

Easy to forget how much live ammo was stuffed inside those things.

@alekba - BIG boom for sure!

@isjatte83 - It is impressive how much stuff was packed into these things. I’m amazed at how little room there is inside a tank, even one as large as this one.

Impressive modeling. And, the “cut away” is interesting.

One thing that I really enjoy about computer graphics is its ability to show people today exactly how something looked in the historical past, and how it worked. To just as much detail as the modeler cares to invest in it.

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@sundialsvc4 - One of the reasons I do so many cut-aways is it it gives me an opportunity to study how things worked and not just how they looked. The biggest thing to watch out for is knowing when to stop. You can easily spend countless hours including details nobody will ever see.

A few updates…


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Tracks, drive sprocket and idler wheel done…


Amazing! Do you do any physical modelling too? I’m tempted by a Takom kit when I’m feeling brave enough :laughing:

If by “physical modeling” you mean making things lime plastic kits, I used to, but not any more. Virtual modeling doesn’t have all the glue and paint fumes. :slight_smile:

Plastic kits do make for great reference material. The number of photos and videos on line are a great help when researching.


Naaah, plastic model are great. It’s one of most relaxing hobby. But 3D modelling are also great. At least if you don’t have killer deadline :no_mouth:
Also 3D models are great to see how stuff are made, or to better understand shape, functionality. During years I download many 3D models, just to see it from different angle. For this purpose they are better than physical models.
PS. On YT are videos with models. I know that making such videos are great task… and time consuming. But maybe you can join forces with someone. I really love to see this tank in detailed video.
PPS. When see all this shells in such small space … I mean, it’s enough to one explode and send crew in tank paradise. But this look insane.

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looking nice for a tank !

can you share the nodes set up for the tank track rusty mix with beige color
is it possible to control % covering ?

got any next project in sight ?

i’m working on a few more models and taking more time then i thought LOL

happy bl

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@alekba -

  • I spent more time than I want to admit building plastic models. I don’t think my eyes are good enough for it now, however.
  • Maybe I’ll do a short animation showing off the model once it is done. We’ll see how long it takes to render a single frame. I imagine that render times will be pretty long for a model this complex.
  • Yes - it is extremely tight inside. The crew seems to be an afterthought when designing armored vehicles. There is rarely enough room to sit up straight.

@RickyBlender - The node setup for the tracks is a quick-and-dirty setup. I will probably spend more time on it later when more of the model is complete. You can adjust the mixture of dirt/rust/bare metal by adjusting the masks. Here’s the overall shader…

And some close-ups of the groups, just in case they are hard to read…

These are the textures I’m using for the base “light” and “dark” rust…


node is more complicated then i thought
and you right hard to read the big image for all the nodes

would it be possible to upload a sample file with a plane and node mat - would save a lot of time

i got 2 or 3 other rust mat - mostly proced mat but not that realist
and not flexible

happy cl

I would be happy to share the node setup, but I’m not sure how to share it.

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Transmission and radios. Shaders are temporary procedural. Objects will get real painting later.

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do you have a link for original photo for the radios

happy bl

If you search for “Fu5 tank radios” you should be able to find many pictures.

This is the best image I have of an installed system. Unfortunately, it’s in a Panther and is set up a little differently than in a Tiger II.

The receiver:


The transmitter:

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I remember seeing here a similarly exhaustive model of a WW2 submarine. Computer graphics can show mechanisms and history in a way that nothing else can.

i did find a low res here

but your ref looks very nice and easy to read

i did several radios WWII
but find what you have shown a bit low res compared to the rest of the tank

there is no text , connectors are not as in photo
it could be improve to make it look more realist

may be i can try to make a new model from your photo
this weekend - that would add to my wwii radios model

happy bl