KIT OPS 2 Now Shipping

Hi Jake,

KIT OPS is focussed only on INSERTS and as such has a fuller feature set (including SMART mode) than the INSERT functionality of Hard Ops. We’ll have some videos to show soon and you’ll be able to see. :slight_smile:


This looks amazing! I can’t wait to try it out. To answer your feedback questions.

  1. I typically use hard surface kits and things for outdoors (rocks, plants etc…) Although this would be amazing for architecture and furniture. Things like fluting and ornate designs for doors and panels… and furniture.

  2. Yes I would like to create my own inserts.

  3. Whatever you think is fair. I would say maybe have different entry points (without making it too complex). Maybe sell the tool ($15 $20?) and then have different insert packs people can buy?

Thanks you for your efforts.

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What kind of topology do the inserts have? I would like models that are division friendly for my work and the ability to make my own inserts as well. I don’t think it’s fair to charge more to people who want to make their own inserts, I think just simply allowing for a free demo version and a paid version would be simpler. I think the pricing between 15-30 would be pretty good, $50 seems to be a bit much when Hardops does more and is lower priced.

I’m interested in this add-on as a furniture designer. If will be possible to create a pack for the most used furniture fixtures will be great.

Thanks so much for your feedback! We are looking at a lower price point that what we originally suggested. And we’re also going to be adding some more features before release.

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I’m sorry, but this is mostly Boolean modeling, and as such would be most difficult to cut holes into objects while maintaining proper quads for subdivision surface modeling. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but not something we are likely to do.

The original idea was to include a full library (we call a KPACK) of INSERTS with the PRO version, but we’re now planning on lowering the introductory pricing and selling the KPACKs separately-- thanks to yours and others feedback!

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What types of fixtures are you thinking about? Also, you could create INSERTS for you furniture, so you can easily add, dupicate and position complex items in your scenes. Thanks for the feedback!

Basically something like this :slight_smile: :

There are a lot of them, so will be good to be able to create my own library.

I know you used SketchUp before, so please take a look of what can do this SK plugins:

Will be great to be able to replicate such functionality inside Blender.


Thanks for sharing these! I’ll take a look :smiley:

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There are many things about KIT OPS that are very different from SketchUp, but an important one is the fact KIT OPS booleans cut completely though an object whereas SUs only cut through the first surface.

So, for instance, creating a hole with a bolt going completely though is possible in KIT OPS but not SketchUp. Or you can route an opening for a cabinet.

It will be interesting to see what you come up with!

@ chippwalters

This looks amazing so far! I’d like to be able to make my own inserts as well. Despite figuring out pricing and working out the details, and I’m all for fine tuning, but is there an estimated release date?

We were trying to get it out this week, but some of you here had suggestions that were just too good to not include in V1, so we went back in and added a couple new killer features. Can’t wait to show them off. The last of them should be completed this evening, then we need to test and document and we should be good to go next week (assuming all goes well!)

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That’s even better. The SK plugins was just an example of workflow.

What will be really great is if will be possible to use NURBS at some extent for import-export from other CAD packages.

Conversion of NURBS to a proper density clean mesh with correct smoothing is a non trivial exercise. The best converter I know is MoI3d. They provide the user with a WYSIWYG preview and many different decimation controls AND sometimes there’s still cleanup which may have to be done.

Whats the difference between this Smart Inserts and DecalMachine. They seem to do about the same or am i wrong?

PS also hardops as an inset asset tool, does this one work that much different?

DecalMachine doesn’t change the geometry it just adds polygons to the surface where the decals are mapped to.
It’s a method coming from video games.
HardOPs has an asset tool but this one is more complex and has more options.

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Thanks for explaining, i that decal machine also did cutouts (boolean). That is what this plugin is doing right?

You’re probably thinking of MESHMachine by the same developer. That still has a different focus since it sounds like KIT OPS is going to emphasize non-destructive/parametric workflow.

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MESHMachine is the child of MACHIN3, KIT OPS on the other hand is the brain child of Chipps Walters & Jerry Perkins, the source being written by myself.

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