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MESHmachine is a blender modeling addon - created to allow for more flexibility, especially when dealing with rounded surfaces, traditionally created with the Bevel and Bridge tools.[/B]

The initial release provides a number of tools, that work in tandem and outline a modeling workflow, that was previously impossible.
MESHmachine should dramatically increase your flexibility, especially when working with bevels on a geometry level.

NOTE: This first release aims to test the waters, to find out what the larger community thinks and to retrieve feedback as well as uncover edge cases where the tools may fail to work as intended.

Available on


  • have the latest, stable Blender, 2.79b (other versions may work as well)
  • simply install by file, detailed steps are outlined in this installation guide.

NOTE: preview releases are less tested but contain new features.

Get Started

  • in edit mode press the y key to open the MESHmachine menu
  • choose Tutorial.blend


See the documenationfor an overview of and details on all MESHmachine tools.

See this playlist for in depth videos covering the tools of MESHmachine:

KIT OPS "Smart Inserts"
KIT OPS "Smart Inserts"
(tungee) #2

One word:

(BigBlend) #3

Wow. This is genius.

(kyjelblue) #4

One Word:

(Jaydead) #5

Bought. Looks like a real time saver. Thank you.

(micro26) #6

Very cool.
Also a mesh blend feature that you blend geo using data transfer for custom normal like decal machine but for meshes would be very cool.

(stanley82) #7

Hi, would be nice to see how it works on irregular meshes. So far examples are only on cube. Still looks promising.

(joebount) #8

Works really well, great plugin.
Any plan for updates in the future?

(joebount) #9

to delete please :slight_smile:

(actimelvanille) #10

hey there :slight_smile:

just playing around with the different options.
is there a way to make the “unchamfer” work correctly in this kind of example?

cheers chris

(MACHIN3) #11

Post the blend file please. Also, you could try removing the 2 edges at the corner vert. Also also, that’s a messy model with a lot of redundancy.

(mkbreuer) #12

Just what i needed! Great work and documentation! Bought!

(burnin) #13


Thank you MACHIN3… this should simply be in Blender

(obsurveyor) #14

This addon is great and worth it just for Fuse/Refuse and Change Width.

I’d like to see the tools act a bit more like Blender, so when you do a Refuse or a Change Width, it lets you set the segments or width with the mouse/keyboard, instead of having to press F6 and drag/type. Also allows the operation to be aborted.

It would also be nice if Refuse(and maybe Fuse, if possible) preserved bevel weights. Change Width does, so maybe it’s a bug or just a Blender limitation.

(joebount) #15

That or maybe some kind of modal work to make things more fluid.

(mkbreuer) #16

Some hints:
> please give us the abillity to add the shortcut menu as submenu to special editmenu [W].
> a panel is also good for beginners!
> documentation: you can use the right-click-manual for the functions. It´s faster. (see templates)
> Why you added additional letters to the button names?

(MACHIN3) #17

Thanks for all the awesome feedback and suggestions guys. I appreciate it.

I’ll comment in more detail in a while, just wanted to share this:

It’s an alternative approach to the unchamfer, that properly deals with the case demonstrated by actimelvanille.

I need to do some more tests. Depending on how these go, this might become the only method, or an alternative. Also, this might be usefull for the fuse tools as well. As the fuse tool has related problems in a situations like this.

FWIW, the problem is due to the “loop edges” never meeting. If you look at the chamfer, the edges are at odd angles, which doesnt happen if you chamfer, only if you manipulate the verts afterwards.

(colkai) #18

Purchased, looks like this could be very useful.

(actimelvanille) #19

sorry for the late reply machin3.
great you found a solution :slight_smile:
it’s really a helpful addon btw.!

(MACHIN3) #20

I’ve added a 0.5.1_preview release on gumroad and blender market.

It’s has the new unchamfer method, but still allows you to change to the old one for now in the tool properties. It is less tested, but has great potential, it’s also simpler in terms of code, which is good. Please check it out and test.