Koenigsegg One:1

I “might” upload some interior shots, depending on time. This was my first car with such texturing and I am quite pleased with the final result. I incorporated the shrinkwrap technique. It took 2 and a half months to complete this vehicle, and it was fun modeling it. Stole the paint from Agera.

Thanks to the community for making this even better.

HDRI: Versveldpas from HDRI Haven
Floor texture from Texturehaven.com


Absolutely beautiful. Those textures are fantastic, as is the modeling. Koenigsegg should hire you to do their brochures.


The renders look stunning. :+1:

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Outstanding just…breathtaking!
you worked hard on this!and it shows.
truly inspiring.

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Thanks a lot, safetyman. :slight_smile:

@Rixtr @MAC2001 Thanks for the suggestions guys. Really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

As a Swede I approve of this render!

Seriously tough, great render. I like the original one with less glow etc.
Keep up the good work. :partying_face:

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The brake pad must be orange.

Thanks, Triple!

@Gnrl_Azr Yeah, I had a doubt in my question which I took liberty of. The “1” in “one:1” and the calipers, does the color goes with the color of the strip? Or they are always orange?

They are always orange except the gold one

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


Thanks, Bart. I think you featured me twice.

I saw one image with black caliper, so I made it black. :frowning:

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A shot of the interior. I know it’s dark, but I don’t want to spend more time on making boring dashboard decals. :smiley:

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Well i think more redish, since he changed the orange to a more redish color :wink:

Ps is there a reason why your front calipers are at different positions?
I noticed the right one is rotated front-bottom and the left one is more rotated to the top-back.

Most images i found have front and back at the same angle. Both rotated backward, around quarter past 3.

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The clay renders were taken with a different file. I had the wheels rotated differently in that file. But honestly, I never knew the calipers were to be aligned in accordance with the other calipers. I thought the rotation was random. Thanks for pointing that out. Will make them align in my upcoming Jaguar model.

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Hi Abhinav ,
Awesome art work , without art school you making amazing artwork 3d work , thank you sharing this post and art work. I am from india (Gujarat) , i am multimedia artist , i am working on blender as 3d artist past 6 year.

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Well to my knowledge the calipers are placed with some thoughts behind it. Some cars have to front rotated forward and the back ones backwards. I cant really remember why that is though :slight_smile:

I believe i saw this video a while back

One user commented this though

Front brake caliper location is dedicated by which side the steering rack is on. Front mount rack means rear mount caliper and vice versa. The reason for the front axle bias going rearward on sports cars is that they'll try and position the engine as rearward and low as possible (because it's a load heavier than brake calipers!), which means front mount steering rack (which is also better for driving dynamics), which means rear mount caliper.

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That’s great! Thanks Gaurav.

That’s a real good information. Thanks for sharing. Will keep this in mind from now on.

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