Krita 4.0 is out!

this russian accent is sexy as much as krita is.

I tought Krita was open source and FREE, why is it that you have to pay for it at windows store?

When a piece of software is open source it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is free as in gratis. Open source means once you have acquired said software(either freely or by paying for it) you have the right to ask for the source code and modify the code should you wish to.

You are charged a fee for Krita if you get it from the Windows store, that fee is kind of like a donation. So if you want to download and donate then you do that, if you don’t have money to do that then you just download from

thanks it makes sence in a way.

I saw the same thing and was disappointed until I noticed that turning the outline off improved the cursor FPS. The brushes still feel a bit laggy compared to paintstorm which is super smooth in comparison.

Why can’t I zoom in/out when I press Ctrl and pen’s lower left button in Windows?
It’s okay in Linux.

I’m also having same problem. I thought that’s my new tablet problem. If you change the window ink to wintab option in settings. It’s works sometimes and sometimes it didn’t. It’s very important handy features to manipulate things.

Make sure you have the lower-left button set to ‘middle mouse click’, because the zoom function is ctrl+middle mouse click. Other than that, I don’t know.

And we’ve got 4.0.1 out, with over fifty bug fixes. All the details are in the announcement:

Just curious does anyone have a pencil brush that is a bit different to the built in one. working on an A4 300dpi sized drawing the default pencil just feels like a hard round brush to me with no texture to it.

I am moving working between Clip Paint and Krita and in Clip Paint I get some nice grain and texture to my pencil.

We’ve been accepted for GSoC 2018, and these are our students :slight_smile:

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Performance ! Yay ! I must say even on my old-ish laptop 4.0.1 is almost never sluggish, but it’s always welcome. Congrats and good luck for mentoring & reviewing.

The second bugfix release is out:

We’re preparing another one for coming wednesday, because two crashes snuck in :sweat:


tangential question but does anyone knows a good krita course?

The Muses DVD by Ramon Miranda is a bit old, but good when it comes to the basics of digital painting. The Secrets of Krita DVD by Timothee Giet is pretty good when it comes to learning about Krita specifically.

I’ve just jumped the gun and already released 4.0.3 with the copy/paste fix:

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Any idea when you will be removing the remaining icon placeholders from the toolbox toolbars? Seems no one has noticed…

Icon placeholders?

Krita 4.1 beta is out!

Reference images tool, speedups, animation improvements and more!


wow this is really awesome man, cant wait to try it out,
open source will over take the world of CG

note : thy chose a very boring music , just saying