Lake Among the Dunes

Hello guys, this is my latest personal project. I’ve been playing a lot of Assassin’s Creed Origins recently and combining it with my love for ancient Egypt and desert environments, I tried to capture some of its beauty. I hope you’ll like it.

Made in Blender and rendered with Cycles 700 samples. Post-pro in Photoshop.

Link to the project on Artstation:

Edit. Based on community feedback and my personal taste, I decided to go back to the displacement map and smooth unnatural patterns in the sand.

Old version:


That aerial view looks amazing

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Thank you!

Amazing lightning ! just an hdri ?

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Looks really nice! Have you played AC Odyssey yet? Both games are great and I can’t wait for the next one.

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@BD3D Thanks a lot, Dorian! For the aerial view yes, it’s just an HDRI. But for the second one, I had to add a sunlamp.

@Safetyman Thank you! I preordered it and been playing for more than 100 hours. It’s amazing and everything but I still missed Egypt.

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Looking great.

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I am afraid i will sound as a nerd but here I go:

I would love to see that aerial shot on a Magic the Gathering Land card (Planes). Bravo!


Thank you! I had to look it up to understand though but I agree with you.

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Mtg is a game more popular in USA, where some cards are sold for more than 10k$ a piece.
I also collect them for playing and because they are beautiful. (The cheaper new ones)

Your render is also that beautiful, that i see many investors trying to push the art to a high value in years:)

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I’ve never heard of it but the art is quite beautiful indeed (I browsed some of it on Google Images). Though I’m not the kind of person that would be willing to make a 10K investment of this sort I can understand people who do.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot Bart, have a good one too!

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@Scoped The areal view is awesome. I like the detailing you have dome on the sand surface. Lighting also added to the visual impact. It will be great to improvise on the framing and the environment.

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Thanks, glad you like it!

The voronoi pattern in the dunes feels a bit unnatural to me in the areal shot. Otherwise beautiful.

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Thanks mate! Yeah, it’s been a bit problematic to work with since the displacement is procedural but I think it looked worse without it.

Maybe incorporating a wave texture as well could alleviate this?

Nier: Automata? :smile:

Nice aerial shot, I like it.


You’re #featured! :+1:

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