Lamborghini Huracan [Finished]

Trying my hands on a more complex car. Dunno if it will be complete anytime soon. But car wheels are so much easier than bike’s.


Nice to see your new project!

It depends) For example, consider 5 star wheels with 4 lug nut holes, or 6 star wheel with 5 lug nut holes, etc. Sometimes it’s very tricky to get a right shape)

Looking forward to your next shots! :slight_smile:

Thanks, Pilot!

Working on the headlight. I think it’s the hardest part in general?

I will try 5 star wheel with 4 lug nut holes sometime.

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For sure, headlights and taillights require more attention as they are usually one of the most eye catching things in a car exterior.
Do you plan to model an interior of this car?

Thanks Pilot! I will do enough so it doesn’t look empty. RIght now my skils aren’t great for a detailed interior render. Here is a render of the lights. The loops are kinda messed up. Is this acceptable?

Did the Side-view mirror.

I think it would be much easier to model main parts separately, and only then work on mesh intersection areas. This approach usually requires less time for mesh clean up procedures.


That’s how I am modeling things now, but things get worse after a while. Somewhere mesh does get ugly.

Caliper done:

Looks pretty nice to me, but the base mesh seems to be a little bit dense. Also there are some flat regions (especially partially hidden ones) where it may be reasonable to aggregate some vertices.

You have been a great help, Pilot! Thanks a lot.

I will make it less dense but that will give me many ngons. But it should not be a problem for the hidden part.

Did the Parking Brake caliper. This looks much cleaner. All quads.

The parking brake caliper looks nice!

Thanks, Pilot! I completed the rim, too! Dunno if I should delete the back portion of the rim or leave it be, as this won’t be visible at all.

I think it’s better to leave that part as it has some good details and can be used in different scenes (e.g. where you orbit a camera around the wheel and so)

You are right. I finished the front bumper. I hope it looks fine. Needs a few adjustments here and there.

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Looks nice, but the grill is slightly more complicated. Take a look at these examples:

And also it seems a gap size between bumper and hood, between bumper and headlights should be slightly greater.

Thanks, Pilot! yeah, the grills are different. I found those grill too complicated so made the one my blueprint showed:

I have finished the tail light almost. Needs some adjustment here and there and a glass cover. Also need some mesh adjustment around the light area. I will fix the gap between the headlights soon.

Door handle is done! Dunno if will be able to complete this project or not :frowning:

One headache is over. Finished the Rear hood. Took a few tries to get the shape right. I am still not sure if this shape is accurate or not. But I am calling this done. Phew! :slight_smile:


look good so far, keep going :slight_smile:

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