Landscape texture

hi , i open a new thread continue this thread

i have a 2 question

  1. for making grass using particle system in some places of the land scape
    can add the grass to a selected vertex group ?
    or i need to split my landscape to separate objects ?
    or put another plane on top ot the landscape and use retopo ?

  2. putting some rocks on the land scape
    should i use texture this one this one ?
    or model the rocks my self

  3. for making a good texture for landscape the best why is to use UV mapping ?

(i was thinking about creating a bid texture and start putting rock
and connecting between images ,
and then using UV to map is on the land scape
i am in the right direction ?)

thank u all

Use the particle system for grass, rocks, and trees. Use multires and sculpt or a displacement map to create your terrain. Then in edit mode pick mesh->scripts->poly reduce script to simplify your mesh. Then you add the grass and rocks etc. You can weight paint a vertex group to put grass where you want. But if the terrain mesh is too coarse then you will get large patches and sharp borders of grassy areas. In this case you need to edit the terrain mesh and select the mesh where the grass should be and press Shift-D and then “p” to extract out the terrain where you want grass - it will be a separate object now. Then subdivide it to get a finer mesh so you can apply the grass to that patch and weight paint it properly. Remember to not render the emitter.

I guess I’ll cross link this thread to the ANT landscape texture thread.

hey thanks all

atom i like the result is looking greate
for the ground u use a image texture ?

You can pull down the BLEND file posted on the ANT texture thread mentioned above. Then I simply used some image maps instead of solid colors. The material is the same in both images, however. So the ground is a mix of the 5 colors that define the landscape material. If you play with the gradients in the nodes section, you can alter at what height the colors overlap.

can someone help me more in detail’s from the start ,
get the based texture done before using particle system for grass
im not getting fine results with texture of ground or rock (texture) above it

that mean i should model to rocks also ?

please explain in details , texture is not my strong side

thank u …


Maybe that could do it?

how thanks that great
what about the texture of the land
what have u did for that?

@ Almux

interesting subject for painting objects with particules

i tried to download the sample file from other thead but when i tried to open it up i got an error file incomplete!

do you have another place or another file with no error where i can download it
would be interested to try this way

anyway you can PM a site


ok i just found this
a nice tutorial ,i don’t really get step 1,“Create a Texture
i obviously need a BASIC color ,texture, for the ground
BEfore adding flowers ,grass ,rocks and other stuff

i am guessing and asking
this basic “color ,texture” has to be a big images that
ill will have to create using allot of images connected to each other ?

any easy way ,? tile an image and let blender bluer the connection between images

i dont have a clue ,how to start

any direction will be appreciated

yup you need a Pciture which will be use to UV map your model

and this ahs to be ideally a multiple of 2 power

like 256X 259 or 1024 X 1024 or 2048 X2048

so you have to make one with a camera of find one somwhere
or you cold make up one with gimp may be

then this can be loaded inside as a UV texture for your model

hoep it helps


that mean i should model to rocks also ?

please explain in details , texture is not my strong side

You can make a rock and use particles set to “object” and type in the name of your rock in the OB: field. Then you can use the instance painting described above to paint where you want rocks (density).

thanks u ill start doing so.
but first thing first
need a good texture

Have a look at CGTalk or just make a “free textures” on google… you’ll be amazed of all the stuff that’ll come up then!

i did that , and i came to the conclusion that i need a tiled texture
thous are more hard to find .
what texture did u used for your terrain ?
i see it only green in the forum

i found some tiled dirt texture using
here is the land with the texture only

what do you think of the ground so far ?


so… any opinion ? :smiley:


very nice indeed

where did you get the tilable texture

did you do theses in GIMP ?


no gimp
i was looking in google

i found another 2 free tiled images