Laser Slicer (Blender 2.8)

I have updated my Laser Slicer script for Blender 2.8. For those unaware of it, it slices a Blender object up and then exports those slices to SVG file(s). I use it to then cut the 3D form on a laser cutter (hence the name).
A very recent build of Blender 2.8 is recommended.
Code has moved to github and the install-able zip can be got from the master branch:

Bug reports can be filed on the github issues page:

Further details, old versions for 2.7, and a tutorial video can be found at:


Uhm… I’m not able to get the link to work…

Ah. Thanks for letting me know. Links should work now.

lovely add-on. one question: it gives me a group of separate lines (a circle that is separate lines) I know it’s a none blender question but how can you join and smooth them in inkscape?

If you select the ‘SVG polygons’ option you get a SVG polylines and not individual lines as explained in the tutorial video



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On inkscape I found that pressing ctrl + shift + c (object to path) will bring the nodes. Thanks awesome add-on!

Hi rareg,

Is Laser Slicer addon can to generate contours map/ line of 3D terrain ?


No Idea why but for some reason I’m getting a trackback error… Is the addon still supported in blender 2.83? Sorry if i’m missing something obvious…

You’re specific error is because you have selected a directory and not a file for export.
I have updated the git repository to get round this and made some other updates for 2.83. Test and post here if problems.

Yes, I think it does what you want.

Hey, awesome plugin!

Just one issue, I’m trying to import the slices in the exact same location into LightBurn, I need to cut multiple layers at the exact same location.
When I import, the outlines of a smaller piece center out instead of keeping their relative position.

Is it possible to choose the height of cutting lines? Now there is the option for thickness, but I would like to shift the cuts in the z axis.

Is is possible to label the individual slices to help in reassembly after laser cutting?
Thanks for developing this. I look forward to seeing what is possible.

Not currently but it is something I may implement in the future.

The addon does not currently consider depth or overlapping slices. Each slice is individual as it is designed for use with a laser cutter.