Last Man Fighting


I totally agree, I need to shape-up my models appearances to be one or the other, not both. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Last Man Fighting


add handzzz and a video plz

There already are hands? If you mean low-poly fingers than yeah, I’m hoping to include some in the next video, but I haven’t made up my mind if that would be appropriate to the low-poly them or not.

Last Man Fighting (realistic style)


Hi, is the upbge version available for d/l?

The UPBGE version that I used is the official UPBGE 0.25b release, so yes, it is available for download:
As for a game release, I’m hoping to be able to release a download to it when I feel it is stable enough for other users.

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I like both styles, but I believe the more realistic one suits your project more, your assets more. Its looking pretty good visually (although I would experiment a bit more with 2d filters (basicy this setup from Lars: Blender Game Engine-Advanced 2D Shader Tutorial - YouTube)

A simple fps game (that wont go for ultra realism and cutscenes and scripted sequences) should focus heavily in a fun, solid gameplay feel, and fun animations and effects. So for example, Counter Strike had a very long life (even though it was a pretty basic and low poly game) because of its gameplay, how the weapons feel, the game mechanics. So it would be good to experiment with that a lot. Study those games. Try to find your own take on that.

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True. I’ve already migrated major progress from the low-poly project to the realistic project which will be ready to showcase in the next video hopefully. I’ve mostly preferred low-poly over realism because of main two reasons:

  • I can create low-poly better than high-poly assets
  • What I create, I own legally, which means less hassle with licensing than with 3rd-party assets

I love Lars work, talked to him this year actually. I’ll look into his style more. I’ve been very careful to keep game performance top-priority, even over realism.

What kind of game-play do you propose would go best with LMF? I’m welcome to any ideas for brainstorming.

  • I’ve thought of quake-arena style game-play.
  • Objective based game-play
  • And I’ve also been pressured to include real-time multiplayer for PvP battles, which… Aren’t really my top-priority at the moment, but maybe in the future
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I dont really know what your ambitions for this project are, but Ive been learning and prototyping things with bge/upbge for over a year, and it takes a long ime to get anything done, making games is really hard work. Trying to emulate games that had an entire professional team behind them is always foolish, the projects Ive seen in bge that are inspiring and actually got done were able to come up with a very simple concept, or a pretty limited scope, and make it fun and unique in its own simple way. I think multiplayer is complicated to do in bge. Most projects focus on single player. Maybe its about a fun ai that you need to beat every round, using stealth, the element of surprise. Or maybe its about two teams of bots fighting inside a playground level and you join one of them, like the inspirational images that the Armory engine used to have. But both would need a lot of work on developing that AI, to make it fun. And then the firing mechanics, locational damage, etc. So, quite a lot of things to explore.

Neither do I to be honest. : P

BGE was my first game-engine that I got into, but certainly wasn’t the last engine that I used after discovering it. I’ve used Blender and it’s UP/BGE (whatever) for almost 6 years now, and personally, I know as well (maybe more) on how it’s lacking in certain matters, but also that a lot of people don’t know how to trick/fake/do something with brute force so to speak to get something done, maybe it’s experience, I’m not sure. But in any case, I use BGE because it’s easy to use and I already am most comfortable with it for the time being - that is all.

Very true. I’ve worked in about +6 collaborations, all of which have failed miserably and not nessarily learning lessons.

I love Splinter-Cell games. One of my latest collaborations had those elements. But it’s easy to say “yes, let’s do it” and not get anything worth while created or done.


You’ve linked Armory 3D’s first-person shooter template in your post I see. That is more low-poly style but with modernized post-processing/lighting/shadows, etc. Is this what you think LMF should look like? I could certainly make something like that.

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Yeah, having a clear idea and being able to achieve it is the hardest part. Thats why its so important for me to be able to be inspired by others, use references. For example, we were talking about aesthetics before, and there are many examples of nice visuals around, but what would actually work for you, for the project? Thats not simple to realize. I quite like this project personally, because it has detailed geometry, but goes for a ‘no material’ setting, using simple colors, this could be a good choice:

(2) fps game map update - YouTube

And then we have TeldGames with a bunch of really interesting projects that are small in scale but look so fun, this is what I meant about a simple scope and work inside that scope to flesh out the project and make it unique and cool to play:

(2) First person POV of an AI battle (Blender Game Engine) - YouTube

(2) Probably the most badass game I made (Blender Game Engine) - YouTube

Anyway, you probably know all of this, since youve been doing this for a much longer time, but its always good to go to the drawing board and try to get rid of all that isnt essential to create that nice idea we want to create.

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Personally, I’m at a cross-point. I’ve finally made ‘decent’ enough games, one realistic styled and one low-poly styled. But the difficult decision from here on in is which style do I use? Audience feedback has been amazingly large, but also mixed in their replies on which style they think I should focus on. Some want pure realism, some absolutely love the stylized style of the low-poly style. It’s frustrating on not knowing which path I should continue with and which side I should focus on.

It is necessary to think about what would work best for your project and your skills. Realism is a way, but will be very costly for you. It would need to be a prerequisite for your game to work, otherwise its not a good option. Lowpoly can work but it needs character, it cant be simply low poly, otherwise its just a prototype sort of aesthetics. It needs its own style, like a cartoon. Thats not simple at all to achieve. Or you could go a for ‘in the middle’ style, like in these games:

Its simple, low poly, but realistic in its proportions and how the world is modelled. I would go for that, personally. Regardless of the style, you would still need a fun gameplay concept. A core. So theres that as well.

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I like consistency and quality of presentation. The game can be high or low poly, just so long as all the pieces look like they fit together.

It would seem to me, from even just a glance at the last “low-poly” screenshot and the “realistic” video, that the low poly is far more consistent in its presentation. All the pieces, except the player hands, seem to fit together. In contrast, in the “realistic” shot, grass is laid out in straight lines, a stone wall made of blocks of differing sizes somehow manages to make all its steps the same height, and the ground itself appears flat. From my perspective the low poly, at least right now, has a far more quality/finished look to it.

Additionally if you go with “realistic” I would be curious how you would give the player feedback for some of their actions in a way that seemed realistic, clear, and consistent with the overall art style. I like a game to give me lots of small bits of information to help me improve. For instance, when I shoot, how do I know where my shot landed or if I hit my target?
In classic counter-strike, when you shoot, you see a bullet hole and sparks appear where it hits. This is ok, but I often have trouble noticing these in the heat of battle. CSGO does this as well, but also includes a tracer so I can watch my shot travel and more quickly learn the weapon’s recoil. HaloCE’s magnum makes a bright flash wherever it hits to assist me in gauging lead for my target. Are these helpful pieces of information realistic? not really, but it makes the game much easier to learn.
In a low-poly game, the freedom of what you can do for things like point-of-impact markers is much wider, and it should be much easier to make consistent in presentation.

Personally I think your low-poly, as it is now, looks quite good. It’s simple, but it’s not bland. The foreground objects are clearly defined and easily distinguishable from the background objects. I just wonder if you’d be able to upkeep this level of quality and clarity if you moved toward “realism”.

Well that’s my 2-cents. Personally, I’ll enjoy playing your game either way you choose to go. Keep up the great work!


Okay. Thanks for the ideas!

That’s actually really helpful and thanks for pointing that out.

True… More work for the artist.


Will do!


Last Man Fighting; online and in a browser vie PlayCanvas:

PlayCanvas - Update


  • Added in static environment props: (Crates + Watering-Well)
  • Added in static UI text (Health, Ammo, Item/Weapon, Time, Kills/Score, Crosshair)
  • Added in dynamic UI text (Framerate counter)
  • Added in dynamic HUD gun + arms
  • Added in FPS movement + mouselook (No demo yet sorry)


  • Removed all post-effects and replaced with equivalents e.g Baked + Static textures
  • Made mesh grime more apparent on textures
  • Changed environment lighting, baked some light, added in some fog, etc


  • Implement working logic to all UI logically-dynamic elements
  • Implement main menu + pause menu
  • Implement player animations
  • Implement some basic A.I. zombies
  • Implement lots - Yet optimized; foliage

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