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this is that last time im asking for help i want to learn how to make a game with actual moving characters. im tired of the RETARDED GO TO wiki books like noob to pro im tired at looking at noob to pro. all im just saying im not a stupid noob ok i want to learn how to make a game with characters and a story line. if you don’t help me i’ll drop you faster than anna nicole

You lack of taste, kid. No good. Change yo name.

i’ll drop you faster than anna nicole

Ahahahahaha. You’re funny, I bet you’re probably just some lame nerd who lives in his parents garage. Get back to World of Warcraft. Nobody here has time for people like you.

all im just saying im not a stupid noob ok i want to learn how to make a game with characters

I think you are a noob. It really isn’t hard to make a game like that.

Nice post!
I’ll move it to the adequate forum, giving some “animation” for the weekend, probably.

i want to learn how to make a game with characters and a story line
Sure buddy - thats too easy! Okay, here we go:

First before you make a game you obviously need a story line so generally a story line consists of a beginning, climax and then an end… though if you want to make a sequel you wouldn’t really have an end until the last game where you would close the storyline off but that might be getting complicated. So think of an interesting story and write it down.

Done that? Okay - good. Now for the actual game design part.

When you come to actually making the game you generally make the content first:
You are going to need to know what characters you will be wanting to make so this is where you storyline comes in handy. Model and texture your characters and then rig them.

Right now that we have some characters we need to give them walk cycles - this is an animation that simulates the movement of the feet which can be then looped to look as though the character is walking.

Now when you have done all that reply back here and we will move on to the next part!

How do you (in Detail), do what I have just described above? Easy! Tutorials, Practice, Practice, Practice, Patience and the Odd Nicely Asked Question when you are really stuck.

What is the point of tutorials when there are so many lovely people on these forums that could easily tell you how to whip up a nice fun game? Because imagine being asked the same question over and over again - why not write it down and then just refer people to it when they ask the question? That is why the Noob to Pro and many others have been made.

Have you been able to follow Noob to Pro? If not I suggest you go back and finish it because like you have most probably been told before - it gets you familiar with the basics of blender and if you don’t know the basics of blender then how are you possibly going to make a nice game with actual moving characters and a story line?

Have Fun!


YOU are cleaning up your attitude, or I can GUARANTEE that this is your last question, Mister.

Welcome back. You can look at This for your pre-development planning.

If you are just wanting to make a character, look Here for a tutorial on how to make a low poly person.

If you need any help, PM me and I’ll try to fulfill your needs.
Good Luck!

Exactly what ZVWolf said. There is too much in a game to walk some else through every step of the process. I’ve been using blender since 2.25 (several years), and I’ve only just now started getting an actual “grasp” on whole of the game engine. To be honest, a question like “how do I make a game” in not answerable by anyone. If you don’t know the basics of modeling, animating, texturing, programming (logic bricks or python), ect, then you’re not going to get anywhere with a game.

Those tutorials are gold, read them, then think about how you want something done, then practice and experiment! Then if you still don’t understand something, then ask a specific question…in a polite manner (this helps a lot…um, duh). People are willing to help out in that case.

If you’re not willing to go to the work of learning the program well, then you shouldn’t be here asking questions.

Study up, and have fun with it. I do! Good luck to your endeavors.


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if you’re asking those questions you are

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first of all im 12 years old and second of all i own my own garage im tired if ignorant people like you hiding behind your screens and don’t do shit you act like your tough but your not
im just asking is there a good site to learn more about bge ok not wiki book no no no more i will never go back to wiki books unless there’s something worth my time


  • Wikibooks is not the only place to go. We’ve directed you to many different sites.
  • Try asking one question at a time. Your questions are too general.

. Do you want to know how to make the characters? Do you want to know how to make them Look Like they are walking? Do you want to know how to actually make them move? A question like this brings up too many questions.

In what way are WE Ignorant? Going back to 3, your questions are too general. We’re not going to give you everything you need, because half of us aren’t so professional that we can just give you every single thing you want (no offense to you other people reading this). People actually go to school and learn this stuff.

Maybe you are too young to grasp any of this.

  • Please quit cussing because when you do, it makes people mad. Angry people don’t answer questions very nicely.Hopefully this will help you in your posting and people will like you better. :no:

So far, so… (Do I have to say it?)

I am tough actually

here is some useful documentation for you which will spoon feed you all the way

Uh…Copernicus just called, and he said that the world does not revolve around you…

Wow, I didn’t know Copernicus was still around. Tell him I said hi next time you get him on the phone! :eek:

im 12 years old

good for you, getting an early start. after a few year’s practice, you could even make some pretty good games. in the meantime, I suggest you read tutorials, practice making what you know how to, look at how other games are made, practice, ask some specific questions if you run into trouble, and practice some more. did I mention you should practice? that’s sort of important. it takes time, and there’s not two ways about it.

i own my own garage

well then, that changes everything. I’m very proud of you, and my respect is growing in leaps and bounds.

i own my own garage
Thats hardcore mate! Seriously, if I owned my own garage I reckon I would move in, stock it up with food and lock myself in for a good month or so until I started to understand blender!

Lucky you for starting at 12 years of age - the younger you can start blender the better! But being able to use blender doesn’t start with hot headed rantings…

Oh and whats the difference with a wiki book and any other tutorial?

im tired if ignorant people like you
Yeah I get tired of me too sometimes but I it doesn’t give me the right to say nasty things.

And hiding behind my screen? How else am I supposed to reply to you with interesting and useful information if I am not behind my screen?

and don’t do shit

Why don’t you check out the tutorial list?

There is tons of stuff there!



  	 				im 12 years old

lawl i noticed

  	 				i own my own garage

*sings “im a big kid now” *

(havent had a chance to flame someone in a while :smiley: )

Yah, this is fun!
I don’t want to seem mean, but skills will come with time. Don’t think that you can make Halo or Twilight Princess on your first try.(A mistake that many have made, including myself)

Oh yah, even if you wanted to, you couldn’t make Halo or TP anyway, the BGE isn’t good enough.

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