Lego Dropship

As a companion to the lego space marines on blandswap, I built a dropship. Unfortunately I’m only allowed three attachments per post, so I’ll have to improvise:

Sarge’s attempt at wingwalking

Chief showing off

Telling me about engine mechanics in exhaustive detail

Apologies to the moderators, but I needed more then three attachments.
So, what do you think? Does it match the marines color scheme well? What should I change? Feedback appreciated!
Until next time, SpiritOfOnyx

They would stand out more if you would place the model in front of a background that is a different color than the model itself. There just isn’t enough contrast to pick out details very well.

Usually this is done intentionally to hide flaws :wink:

Didn’t intentionally make it hard to see, I’m a noob :o
I don’t like example renders with lots of unneccesary color, and environment lighting does do some damage when the materials are the same… Render it against a black background next time?

If you don’t want to get into colors that much, any neutral color that is at least 30% different in contrast should do.

nice modeling, but the red peices look like they have no shading

the red peices look like they have no shading

Some of the red ones are on emit level 3.

nice modeling

Thanks! I did it all from scratch.

I Intend on following this up with some stuff like tanks and fighters as well.

Why did you enable emit on them? are they lights? If not might as well drop the emit

They are supposed to be little glowing gun type thingies lol. I don’t know how to make them influence their surroundings by turning the stuff around them red, how do I do that?

Got some better renders of the dropship and built a fighter, upload the pics soon.

You can turn on environment lighting but from my experiments (only a few) it is not that great.
Another option is to add point lamps next to the objects that you want to emit light. Make sure you tweak the sphere radius on them so they dont affect a large area. Emit lvl 3 is not really needed just leave it at 1 or 2, and go into the compositor and make a glow effect on them, so they look like something that is actually emitting light

I kind of like environment lighting, gives everything a nice soft illumination.
I’ve never tried the compositor, I’ve never even looked at it funny… As good a time as any to learn!
One question originating from a scene I’m rendering, how do I add a dust effect? The dropship is coming in fast in a night scene and I want the spotlights on the ship to be visible.

You simply MUST learn the compositor. Not that hard to learn but can drastically change your render. I mean take a look at the Audi RSQ Cycle render i did yesterday, original image vs the one i put through the compositor…
Got to for some good compositor tutorials. He uses the compositor in like every tutorial he does.

Not sure about the dust…

Figured out the dust thing, enabled halo on the spots and it gave me the effect I wanted. More or less figured out the compositor, puched a bunch of buttons just to see what it did lol. Now I’ve got to figure out how to change something’s render layer.
Heading over to check out your RSQ now!

RSQ looked awesome dude! I wish I could do that lol.


Thanx, Cycles did the job on making it look pretty :slight_smile: So since you wish you can do that, go play with cycles :stuck_out_tongue:
Actually it would be pretty interesting to see your dropship rendered in cycles.
The materials should be very simple, all diffuse except the cockpit which i guess would be transparent maybe even mixed with the diffuse by a small amount…see what you can come up with.

Oh i dont think i mentioned that the little Lego dude came out really nice, good texture work…or is that just multi-materials…

Lol I didn’t make them, I built the dropship and fighters around them. They are up for free download on Thanks to hjmediastudios for the lego guys. They have an awesome rig too.
I downloaded Ubuntu, but I can’t get it to work lol, as soon as I figure that out I’ll download a blender build with cycles integrated. (I can’t read write, look-at, or even think about code lol)

You know you can download cycles for all 3 OS right? Linux, windows, mac, your pick mate.

Hmm… Last time I was on graphicall all I could find were a couple of ubuntu builds. I’ll look harder this time lol.
I can feel the winds of change starting to blow… I’d better post the .blend before I lose intrerest completely.

This is fantastic! Keep up the great work; it’s awesome to see people build on my models. (Get it? Build? hee hee…)