Lego Infiinity Blade: the game

Hello fellow blender game engine artists! I am NinjAcademy (pronounced straight through; nin-ja-cad-em-y). This is my first thread with blenderartists. I have been toying with blender for about 2-3 years or so. I don’t have very much scripting experience.
Introducing Lego Infinity Blade! This will be a “portfolio” game and for copyright reasons, nonprofit. I would be grateful for any tips and answers to questions I may have for all the experienced blender game engine guys out there.

Game concepts:

  1. Kid-friendly game (hence the Lego part of it and I like Legos anyway)
  2. Fun quick gameplay for just a quick fix. (only 5 bosses unlike in the real game)
  3. Joystick involving will create a more lifelike experience for players.
  4. Sorry, I’m trying to keep it simple so no saving or customizing. (quick gameplay will make it possible to beat the game in less than 15 minutes)
    Future Planning:
  5. more environments if this game is succesful.
    Hopefully, this game will be a success and completed by the end of the Summer.
    What I’ve done so far:
  6. created entire enviroment except the God King’s chambers
  7. created Siris in Lego (including rigging)
  8. have all Siris’s animations ready
    What I need to do:
  9. create enemies and God King and animations for them
  10. create gameplay
    Questions I have for the blender geniuses:
  11. If you know what Infinity Blade is and know how the gameplay works, do you think I should have a scene just for the animation intermissions and seperate scenes for the actual fights (there’s only 5 bosses so it wouldn’t get totally crazy in scene numbers)?
  12. Any possible suggestions or sources for mouse sword-swinging gestures in gameplay for non-joystick users?

Thanks in advance for any help from blenderartists.


Sounds pretty interesting - if that’s your model, it’s well-modeled and textured. He looks pretty cool.

  1. I don’t know what Infinity Blade is, sorry.
  2. No sources, but getting the speed from where the mouse is to where the mouse ends up would tell you which direction the player’s swinging in. This would require Python scripting.

Yeah, the real game model isn’t as refined for performance reasons but the high poly version was for the normal mapping and stuff. Thanks very much for your input Solarlune!


Here’s a realtime game engine shot of the fortress from a distant point of view.

all the textures on the fortress and trees and background is baked and the game engine using a cross bloom filter. I painted the skybox myself with cloudy textures.

An update on the God King’s throne room:

I have finished creating the environments for my game now (except the skybox for the throne room as you can see). I just need to finish all the enemies and then I can start making the gameplay.

The throne turned out very well and is just missing, well, the God King.


The God King has been found! (or I just made him)

He is very detailed in paint job and actually is creatable out of legos.


it´s look really great i like it

wow this looks really good it really reminds me of infinity blade. At first I didn’t think that you were able to do it but you sure proved me wrong.

Here’s another shot of the God King (close up)

wow it coming along nicely done…keep it up tho

Thanks and I will, GackToActivity. Horse head dude is next on the schedule.


And here is the horse-headed guy from Infinity Blade. He will be the first boss or titan Siris will fight.


looks really cool!

except infinity blade is owned by epic games its made by a team based in Utah some where and so this brings 2 major road blocks if you going sell the game that is.

  1. licensing from lego

  2. lecensing or permission from epic games

and actually getting permission from one still means you need permission from the other.

but if you going open scource then you dont have to worry about that.

it looks cool although the chest in the picture looks like something you made real quick in paint

Yes, mrn, it will be open source and as I said in the original post, it is more of a “portfolio” game. zbryanz, I didn’t have much time to work on the chest though I was planning to do some more work on it later. Thanks for your comments and advice!


oh ok well good luck it sounds awsome!


Thanks a ton, TheDuckCow! This may be what I’m looking for!


Okay, now I updated the texture job on the Horse head guy.

I added a little more muscle detail on the back and front but I don’t have a pic of the back.


nice job that looks a lot better