Let's started the argue - Little Angel by MZooly

Let’s started the “critcs” …:evilgrin::evilgrin::evilgrin::evilgrin::evilgrin:


first of all, thanks for sharing your work! nice to see that you are so productive :slight_smile:
i have a couple of “first impression problems” with this image, and i hope you dont get mad if i try to explain them why.

  1. the pose is wrong. the bellybutton part got twisted badly. i`ve done some quick flipping around with parts…looks more like a natural pose.
  2. her wrist seems to be too tight, i used the smudge brush in gimp to give more volume there.
  3. her nose is a bit strange, although this is a very minor problem.
  4. her eyes are too wide apart. the space between her eyes should be only one eye long.
  5. does she have boobs? cant see any… :slight_smile:

overall its a 4 star picture, and i like the cloth material on the trousers. it would be nice if you could share the material settings for that.


…no comment.

I understand the word “kurva”. That’s about it.

Please don’t loose your temper that easily. Your work is great but as gaargergely pointed out there are some flaws.

Still it looks great.

Edit: about the belly button. It’s 10 cm to high.

Or even twist-flip only the head. That way the head and body will turn in one direction and the legs in the other. Like an anticipation/surprise pose.

Very nice work.

PS.: what language is that :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, then let’s talk about the compound bow. Missing some cable, I think.

Kurva means something along the lines of the F word or prostitute
(got me some polish friends :slight_smile: )

The word kurva is international in slavic languages. :wink:

I think he’s from Hungary.

I think you’re right that the language is Hungarian, which oddly isn’t a slavic language. Interesting.

It is Hungarian. There are not a lot of sites that will translate Hungarian, but as far as I an tell this one seems to work: http://www.tranexp.com:2000/Translate/result.shtml
Its translation is along the lines that Blender_nub already touched on.

mzooly: english please. and please, do not ask for crits if you do not want to hear them.



mzooly: english please. and please, do not ask for crits if you do not want to hear them.

It’s sad that a great artist doesn’t behave like one. :frowning:

cool work, but i see almost the same flaws.

Hot damn, you’ve just outpricked me.

He is hungarian and kurva is a ‘bad’ word for prostitute.

És komolyan Zoli nem értem hogy miért kell mindig beindulni a francba ha valaki mást mond mit " WOW OMG AWESOME" mert amit gergely irt az mind dolgok amik igazak.
Azt nem értem hogy te hogy nem bírod felfogni ami nem müködik a képekben.
Máskép tenyleg fasza képeket készitesz.

Lol, this is hilarious, if you were hoping that one of your favorite works would recieve no crit:
That said, it is really really good. It would be nice if i could see the non chopped up image, a version without red arrows on it, but you seem to have alot of problems with your web site so FFS just get an imageshack account already.

I hope that was meant to be a sarcastic comment :slight_smile:
If not, it looks like he’s deliberetly removing his images, just like his comments.

I’m so happy with this quote button :evilgrin:

Hmm, now that you mention it, that is what seems to be happening. His images always seem to disappear after he gets a couple of critiques and throws a hissy fit. Very immature.

It’s a good detailed model, but I get the feeling it is a manequin, because the face is expressionless, and the pose is a bit rigid. I suppose I will be cursed at in russian now.

There is obviously some talent in this image but I also get some weird feelings about it. The shadows and reflections/highlights are not quite consistent for a 3D render. Where is the belt top buckle? The suspenders don’t look quite 3D. The face symetry is off too, especially the nose. Thinking about it some more, the general feeling is that most of it might have been painted or painted over a rough 3D model.

I’m impressed that people actually still want and dare to post comments!

(woot! i did it twice! highfive)