Lightning the Attic

What do you think about this render?
Looking forward to get any tips for improving my work.
Feel free to ask questions :wink:

BTW: The floor is a bit of. Theres a plane, that I forgot to delete :slight_smile:


It’s looking really good!
I would personally add some depth of field and vignette in order to focus on the statue in the center.
Also, a little color grading could help.
The geometry on the gloves could benefit from some more detail/smoothness.
Also, being an attic I would expect dust and with the nice volumetric light you have there it could be a nice touch.

I’m posting a quick mock-up done in PS but no mean to disrespect what you did by any means, just to show you what I mean with the feedback above:


Thanks a lot for your answer! I had similar thoughts in mind.
You are right. I gues I will give it an update in the next days :wink:
Thanks for your quick mockup. Helps a lot!


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Oh, thanks a Lot, but let me finish the render :grinning:

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