Lines show up on flat surfaces in render when camera far away from object "HELP"

When I am rendering if camera is up-close to a object everything renders ok but when I am far away rendering at a distance dark lines show up on flat surface this is driving me nuts because everything I have tried have not been able to remove the dark lines on the object in the render and I am on a deadline …

looking at the object the lines appear to be on along the poly lines of the object but I have removed all unneeded surfaces and everything is welded perfect.

object scale… clipping depth… etc.etc. we cant help too much without screenshots / example blend files. a picture tells 1000 words.

Im sorry, but I forgot to pay my crystal ball bill this month so I cant conjure up an image of what your talking about.

Here is a screenshot of the render showing the lines on flat surfaces…


on the gantry flat surfaces there is the dark line going across the flat surfaces as seen in the picture but when the camera moves closer these lines vanish.

Used the booleans, did you? It’s those triangles messing up your renders, Nate. Retopo those flat surfaces with quads and those render artifacts will go away.

Just recalculating the normals wouldn’t fix it?

I tried a test and converted one of the surfaces to quads and the lines are still showing up in the render on that part.

That’s my vote too for bad Booleans. “converted to quads” how? If this were a solution we’d be offering it but unfortunately there’s no one button fix for this. Retopo means essentially rebuilding that element…

Orthographic camera?

There’s no problem with planar triangles on non-deforming objects. Use booleans to your heart’s content.

I am using a perspective camera hope that helps to give a little more info.

I selected the two faces and pressed alt + j to covert the triangles to quads

looks to me like a precision issue. Does this happen when you press f12 render, or only viewport render (if its only viewport render change the viewport bvh to static instead of dynamic)

if it happens on both, are your scales rediculous? as in is the scale of your object very very very small or very very very large?

It does it in both f12 and view-port render.

What are your object scales & dimensions? what are the camera clipping planes?

Clipping is 0.100
End is 500.000

The spots I was looking at had way more than two triangles. Post your blend.

There doesn’t appear to be a normals problem, TiagoTiago, unless the underlying mesh is way more messed up than it looks to be just from seeing the render. That is still a possibility, though.

Quite true. But with a distant shot like this, there is always the question as to whether those planar surfaces are really planar, or tweaked a bit.

I have zipped and uploaded the blend with the part I am having problems with one camera…

Even with just this one part from the main tower when I render it gives the line on it and when I move the camera a little closer they vanish.