Linking a full rigged character in Blender 2.8

Hey everyone,

I started a little project a few days ago, keeping all the work done in Blender 2.8. Now I have a beginning of a rig that I would like to animate. To do so I would like to link the asset of the character, so I put my entire character (rig + model) in a collection.

Then when I link my collection to another blend file for example, I can’t turn the rig into pose mode to animate it. And I can’t find a way to make it work, tried to add a static override on the collection, on the armature, but nothing works. And it has to be possible, otherwise I am wandering how the Spring team animates their characters haha.

Well if you have an idea about how to do that, you are welcome to help me (and maybe someone else) :slight_smile:

Cheers ! Thank you !


That all sounds right to me - link the collection, then add the static override on the armature. I’ve just tested it here on a build from yesterday, and it worked, so I’m not sure what’s going on for you.

Oh ok, made it work, I had to put a static override on the Collection too, could be done automatically I guess, I still got a problem, I can move the rig, but the geometry does not move at all :confused:

I’ve tested that a few days ago, you can do as in 2.79 , select the duplicated collection in the viewport and search for make proxy operator.
That should work , but it looks like an old stuff lying on there, or maybe a temporary workaround that should go away at some point…

PS : I’ve tried to make two character having different animation using this technique but it doesn’t work…
Edit : On my tests, the rig was made using 2.79, but then imported in 2.8 and made some collection there.

Oh ok :confused: well I will probably ask on devtalk forum, but it is true that Spring started on 2.79 so maybe there no solution at the moment, i’ll have to wait :confused:

You wanted to duplicate the same character and use different animations ?
I’ve checked more closely, both operators exists in 2.8 : make static override and make proxy .
At the moment in the 3D view menu there is : Object / Relations / Make Proxy

I guess this is what Spring Team is using, when I try Make proxy it works ( but still impossible to duplicate character) and doing Search / make static Override make blender crash on the character that I’m using.

We probably have to wait a little longer until the override system is a bit more polished :slight_smile:
Good luck on your project, maybe try to continue it and work around these issues as you would in 2.79 :confused:

I just have one character, I will try with the Proxy tonight :slight_smile: thanks a lot for your help !

Yes I think we will have to wait for the overrides (especially dynamic overrides), hope it comes soon :slight_smile:

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Hey, wondering if you learned anything on this?

I have a character that I linked the collection in, then did a static override on the collection I think? Now, when I try to update the original file, nothing changes in the master scene file, I think because of the static override?

Wondering if you had any success getting proxies to work… I’m kinda lost on the best way to solve this, haha.

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Hey, yes actually the proxy works perfectly, I think it the right thing to use before dynamic override is implemented :slight_smile:

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thanks I appreciate it!

Could you please list the correct steps to make it work? To have it clarified from this thread. Thank you.

Yes sure, so first in a blend file I put my character (meshes and armature) inside a same Collection, armature at the root of this Collection but I think it works even if it is inside a Sub Collection. Then to creat the proxy, you go to File > Link, find your blend file, and get the Collection where your character is, it loads in your Scene but is uneditable at the moment. You select the linked Collection in the outliner and you go to Object > Relations > Make Proxy… And it will let you choose one object of the Collection, so you select your armature, and you are good to go :slight_smile: it should be it !

The Static Override that will replace the Proxy system should be available soon but in the meantime this works very well for me :slight_smile:


Fantastic. Thank you for this sum up.

Hi, I started a project with blender 2.8, but can’t move the bones that are already rigged, the new ones yes (i.e. added into Blender 2.8), but the old ones no.

Link the Collection?
Static Override?

Sounds really easy, but I’m lost and stuck here…

I will appreciate any help!

Thanks in advanced!

The process I used should still work today, as the static overrides are not implemented yet in Blender, might be coming in 2.81 :slight_smile: If you need some help I can have a try when I finish work !

The code is there, but I think you first need to type in a special console command to use them.

Keep in mind though, the feature is not production-ready so prepare yourself for bugs or possible lost data.

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what do u even mean by static overide, please use images if possible… thanks

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for now if you want to animate a linked character you need to make a proxy , static override is a replacement for that with more options.
It’s hard to illustate that , but maybe the best is to wait that it gets into blender so at that time there will be some examples available.
Do you use armature proxy now ?

Hmm, are we linking collections now? Is that the “new right way?” Right now I use “groups,” then make proxies.

In 2.8 groups are the same as collections. With the exception that they don’t appear in the outliner when you create them (unless that has changed)