List of addons that uses node editor as the main interface

What addons use node-editors as the main working space?

Animation nodes and Sverchok are only ones I can find in google. Are there any other addons out there?

I am trying to find a reference code for node editor addons, which I can use as base for building my own addon. Preferably ones that use blender 2.8 api

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City builder is also node based…
Also ModularTree these are good ones i remember directly…

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As far as i’ve found these:

(If you don’t end up to the “Nodes” Category, click on Free > nodes).

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have you looked at built-in script templates in the blender text editor ? there is one about custom nodes

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This is a bit too vague, since you can split node editor addons and scripts into different types…

  • Node Editor Tools (Builtin tools, Node Wrangler, and a bunch of scattered tools for managing nodes and nodegroups)
  • Custom Nodetrees addons (Animation Nodes, Sverchock, MTree, other rendering engines nodes, etc)
  • Custom Nodes for builtin Nodetrees(OSLPy, BrickTricks, ShaderNodesExtra, BlurNode for Cycles, etc)

If you tell us what you’re trying to do with the Node Editor, perhaps you’ll get more conclusive answers.

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I have a framework which is used to assemble simple math ops to form a complex math op. The workflow is well aligned with nodal logic. After the computations are done, I have to visualize them. I am planning to do this entirely inside blender as a POC.

I found this snippet to be helpful.

Any other resources you can point me to will be greatly appreciated. I need more clarity how to implement loop functionality that is in animation nodes and also a way connect a node to itself for recursive computations.

If you’re using a Custom Nodetree, that you can implement the loop functionality as you want (not so many barriers here)… You can use a conjuction of nodes as in AN, and do the looping stuff in your eval/execute functions; You can use nodegroups and pile them one after the other like i did here… Or you can define any another interface if you need it… Plenty of choices here.

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I did one for Blender 2.79 that uses the compositing nodes, available at

Note: It doesn’t work with 2.80, and I’m not so sure I need to update it to with the new shadow catcher functionality (though I hope it extends to include reflections and caustics like mine does).

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